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McQueen is new to NCBR and is settling into his foster home. Please come back to McQueen’s profile page as his foster family gets to know him better and follow his recovery.

Imagine, two hauntingly large eyes staring at you in the dark.  That is what police officers saw as they were leaving their shift at 3 AM on August 10th.

The eyes belonged to McQueen, an eight-month-old boxer who longed for the warmth and comfort he saw inside the police station. Weighing only 14 pounds, his frail body resembled a newborn fawn’s – evidence of the severe neglect McQueen has suffered in his short life.  Still, McQueen immediately responded to the kindness of the officers, who scooped him up and started him on his journey to a better life.

That journey has continued at breakneck speed.  Recognizing the severity of McQueen’s condition, a team of people – including Animal Control, our intake and transport teams, and one of our veterinary partners – leapt into action, and within 12 hours of his intake at the shelter, McQueen was on his way to our vet and his second chance at life.

He is emaciated, but hungry.  Under a vet’s supervision, McQueen is eating as much as is safe for him to do in his condition.  His initial lab results are consistent with dehydration and starvation, so we are hopeful that with time and proper care, he will recover and will not suffer orthopedic issues as a result of being malnourished during his critical growth period.

UPDATE: McQueen is starting to put on some weight and he is a very playful little guy.

*Please note that NCBR does not accept applications for dogs that are on hold. Puppies will only be adopted to a home with a preexisting adult dog, no children under age five, no unfenced pools, and where the puppy will not be home alone for long hours. Do not fill out an application for a puppy if you do not meet ALL requirements. Your application will be immediately denied and will not be processed.


Thank you so much to McQueen’s Sponsors:

Elisamarie Lara, Brooke Andersen, Tammy Castillo, Evan Albright, Josh McCoy, Julie Green, Florence Caldwell, Jasmine Shaff, Danielle Lee, Correne M. Weaver, Jack Kramer, Hollie Meier, Anita Heath, Helena Wallick, Cheryl McClendon, Tiffany Harris, John Maddock, Nicolette Di Vecchio, Carol Nicholas, Leslie Scheurer, Grant Jennifer, Lora Matheney, Madelaine Krehm, Ellen Ludwig, Jen Escola, Teresa Barnea, Armond Willadsen, Maida & Orlando Fontes, Steven Bills, Gail Graham, Aimee Hofstra, Carol Christopher, Alison Kennedy, June Murray, Traci Monroe-Valdez, Lynette Kitajima, Lisa Johnson, Kaylene Grove, Melissa Calton, Kristyn McQueen, Corina Hahn, Maddie van Elslander, Carol Kaufman, Sherry Byers, Sandra Bannerman, Michelle Martinelli, Kim Goeppinger, Michael Holzman, Melinda Miller Sciandri, Nicole Hassna, Kelli Humfeld, Sandy Torban, Tim Morse, Sherrie Miller, Lauren Dunne, Monika Miles, Christy McCullough, Glenda Miller, Natelie Hiser, Sara Moore, Crystal Goula, Cliff Curry, Jody Mattison, Esther Paluda, Donna Gary, Steve Fries, Lisa Bechtel, Gail Inman, Jane Mcphee, Charles Hirst, Amy Hood, Daniel Pozzesi, Nicki Steinberger, Lena Wurm, Kimberly Maruffi, Theresa Steinberg, Kathryn Griffin, Terri Townsend, Peter Illes, Lonna Smith, Stacey Stames, Connie Healy, Ward Davis