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Look into her eyes and you can see her soul. Mia is an older female classic brindle boxer with a white face that is just beautiful. And just because she is older doesn’t make her slow; she has lower but positive energy and wants to play.

She gets along well with my two senior dogs and has respect for their age and position in the pack. She wants them to play usually after they all go out back. She can sit next to them while treats are given and understands she gets hers when she gets hers no matter where that is in the order. She has a very soft mouth when she takes the treat from me. I find that to be kind to my fingers.

Mia will go into her crate for meals without a “crate” command. Once done, she will sit and wait for her biscuit and then come out. There is usually someone at home so I don’t have her go into the crate while I’m gone. And if there isn’t, the back slider is open and she goes out on her own or with the other 2 dogs.

Once I knew she would be able to last all night without a potty accident, I let her stay in my room on the dog bed that is at the foot of my bed. Mornings are nice in that she will sleep in and not try to wake me. She is used to getting up at 5am with me for work so trying to sleep in on the weekends is ok if it’s only 6 or 6:30am. After that, she and resident dogs make noise for me to get up. She makes a sound like a tiger’s chuff.

Mia is very good on a leash. She doesn’t fight you when you attach it to her collar. She is a right-side walker. For some that makes a difference but for me it doesn’t. She follows me on my right side, doesn’t walk in front or behind. I have found I don‘t need to tug on the leash when we change direction. She follows me.

Mia is easy to teach as she really loves her rewards. She knows sit and she knows crate. She will also sit with the other 2 when they come inside from the backyard. All 3 have to sit at the same time. We are working on stay and come.

She’s a wonderful senior that wants to love and be loved by her human.