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Hi, my name is Miles and I am a young, sweet, goofy, yet timid, boxer. I take a little bit of time to warm up to strangers, but once I do my goofy, playful side comes out. I love, love, LOVE playing with dogs – there isn’t a dog I have met that I haven’t wanted to kiss non stop and play with. I like to copy what I see other dogs do too! My foster sister went out her dog door, so I followed her and that’s how I learned how to use the dog door. I go into my crate at night with no issues and sleep all through the night. When my foster mom let’s me out in the morning it’s go time and I wake right up with boxer energy and play/do zoomies for a couple minutes with my foster sister before we go outside to do our morning business. I am close to being housetrained – as long as foster mom takes me out every couple of hours I have no accidents. I walk well on a leash and don’t pull. I do get startled by loud noises and strangers so my foster mom walks me in the morning when it is quiet out. I am very food motivated and will do what you tell me to do if there are treats involved. I always eat all my breakfast and dinner because I am a growing boy. I like to play, but when I get tired I like to snuggle. My foster mom says I have the cutest spots on my ears and my body and that I am going to be a great addition to someone’s family.