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Misha has great energy and is a sweet and caring companion. She fits right in with her foster family and is excited to do whatever they want to do. Seeing Misha with her foster brother (boxer), you’d think they have lived together for years! They like to play together for a while and then go do their own thing.

Misha loves going for car rides to take the kids to school. She also enjoys hanging out with everyone outside. Misha is learning how to walk on a leash and does well with standard commands, though she can be distracted by barking dogs nearby. She has shown interest in trying to escape the backyard and should go to a family with a secure fence and/or be kept on a leash outdoors.

All Misha wants is to be pet, loved, and to be the center of attention while she plays with her squeaky toy. She has a puppy likeness to her and is so happy at times, she wiggles her whole body! Misha is a wonderful girl and is ready for her forever home.