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Hi friends!

My name is Monty and my foster mom says I am a puppy in a large body. I am curious about everything and can be a bit skittish when I am not sure about something. Once you show me it’s okay, I want to learn more! I am looking for a family that has dog experience, one who will work with me on my insecurities in a gentle but firm way. I just want to be more confident in my life and wish for my family to help me there.

I love to lay in the sun, wrestle with my foster brother (Gunner who is also looking for his forever family), running around the yard and pulling out all the toys from the bin and bringing them to you until you play with me. I am very obedient and food motivated. I am also very loving and affectionate and will happily slobber on your face if you allow it. And I will sit in your lap at any chance I get! I am super silly and goofy and want to be with you at all times!

I currently have an active lifestyle with my foster family but would also do well if you have a large fenced in yard for me to explore and wrestle with another dog in. I do need another large dog (maybe my foster brother, Gunner? We are the bestest of best friends!) in the house that I can play with. Believe me, you want another dog around so that they will play with me. I think I am best suited for a rural life or a suburban neighborhood because I really need a backyard.

I am left free in the home when the humans are gone and everything is as they left it when they return. I like to look out the window and watch the world pass by. When visitors come to the home, I am happy to meet them once they come inside. I am looking for a home that doesn’t have strangers coming and going all the time because I can be a bit nervous.

Whenever we are out and about, humans love to compliment me and my foster brother. We are quite popular because we are so darn cute! I try to be modest but it is hard when we are the center of attention so often!

I hope you will consider being my furever family.