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Monty is a very playful and energetic dog that still behaves like a puppy. He loves to play with all his toys, everyday pulls all of them out of his basket, and can entertain himself with stuffed animals, balls and bones. Monty also loves to play fetch but does get distracted by a falling leaf, a bug, a stick, anything really.

Monty is very goofy and provides many laughs and loves his humans. He has done very well on camping and hiking trips to the mountains and rides well in the car. He is becoming accustomed to crating. Monty needs slow introductions to people and dogs because he is a bit insecure and needs help from his new family to gain confidence. He has a lot of potential for training and will need a dedicated person that is consistent and calm. An added benefit is having a confident dog that is willing to put up with his puppy antics. Monty is currently fostered with Gunner, who is also available, and they would love to be forever brothers! Must be okay with needing to have drool rags around the house because this boy has jowls! Monty is best suited for the rural life or a low density suburban home.