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Monty is a large dog that still acts like a puppy. He enjoys playing with his foster brother Gunner (who is also looking for his forever home!), laying in the sun, running around the yard and pulling out every single toy from the toy bin. Monty is very curious but skittish, so he needs a home that is quiet and will not force him into situations he is unfamiliar with. Monty needs a gentle human that will work on his confidence and be patient with him. Monty is very obedient and food motivated. He is also very loving and affectionate and will happily slobber on your face if you allow it.

Once Monty is comfortable, his silly boxer side comes out to play! Monty also loves to sleep in, especially if you let him under the covers in bed. He also enjoys being outside in nature on trails or if you have a large backyard. He does need his daily exercise but once that is complete, he wants to cuddle with you and then play some more.

Monty deserves a home where he is not pressured to be social with new people, he really loves his inner circle of humans and dogs, but prefers to not meet new ones constantly. He is more of an introvert in that way.

Are you his forever home?! He really would like to live with his foster brother Gunner, but understands if that cannot happen. He does need to be a second dog in the home. He depends a lot of them for playtime and confidence.