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Sir Pablo is a gentle giant that loves human and dog interaction but can be a couch potato too. He would be a great office dog, that’s his daily routine right now. He’s a typical boxer who thinks he’s a human and smaller than he really is – opting for resting his big head, or entire body, on your lap. He will stay in his own space too with gentle encouragement. Pablo loves to roll around on his back in the grass or the deck, patio furniture or just about anywhere outside.

He’s a great walking partner and loves the outdoors, he especially loves to stop, smell the roses and take a break in the shade. He is a curious guy and will chase after quail or squirrel but will redirect with positive reinforcement. He will anticipate certain houses that have barking dogs in their yard but he can easily redirect his focus or we will cross the street to reinforce good behavior. We are now working on having him sit to the side while the on-leash dogs walk by and this is working well. He will freely walk into his wire crate throughout the day, he knows to do his business outside, and is in general a ‘mellow fellow’.

Pablo is constantly looking to his humans for guidance, and will look to his human or dog partner for approval. He is a loving snuggle buddy that wants to please, is treat motivated and very chill overall. Pablo is not aggressive, but would be best suited in a house with older children, just due to his size and his jumpy nature.