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Princess Paige is a very sweet, calm boxer that will spend every possible minute with you. She sleeps in her crate every night, she is house trained and does well in the car. She sits for her food with her toothy smile every day, she likes whipped cream and turkey. Mostly she likes her belly rubbed and she will lay right down for one. Paige is always willing to get on your lap or in bed with you, weather you’re not feeling well or just reading a book. She loves to play with her fur hostess and run race track in the yard. While Paige enjoys her current furry hosts, she is selective in her choice of fur buddies.

Paige has been introduced to children and was interested but not engaged. She does not seem to have a high prey drive but when a cat ran from her she gave chase so cats are probably a no-go.

With proper introduction and supervision, Paige should do fine with most other dogs or children. She does need reassurance when experiencing new noises/situations and would do better in a suburban/country setting.