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Adoption Fee:Tail:Sponsor:Deborah Tamannaie

Panda is a sweet girl who seems to attach quickly to her people. She greets visitors to our home with a wiggle butt and offers lots of kisses. Panda loves meal time and has learned to sit when treats are offered. She is very treat motivated and seems to enjoy her time training and figuring out how to please her people.

Panda really seems to prefer to be inside. She will go outside, but sometimes requires a bit of encouragement. She seems to prefer to be on a leash when going outside. We are working on increasing Panda’s comfort level when outside. Panda is a quiet girl for the most part. She very rarely barks. As she becomes more comfortable and comes out of her shell, we are starting to hear her little ‘wookie” warble when she gets excited and seems to be inviting us to play while bending herself into the traditional Boxer kidney bean shape. She will need slow introductions meeting new dogs.

Panda will continue to blossom in a home where she will continue to be encouraged in her confidence with patience, love and care.