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Hi! My name is Patrick, but I’m kinda selective about responding to my name. 🙂 My foster hooman can’t decide if I need a new name or its just selective hearing, it’s kind of a fun game for me. The best thing is I get so much praise and treats when I finally respond, hooman mamma says we are going to work on that, whatever “that” is. I’ve only been in my cozy foster home for two weeks, so still figuring things out, but I haven’t had any accidents in the house and I don’t chase the horses, so my hooman said I’m amazing. I’m a love bug once I feel safe and know my person, I’ll stick with you and seek all the love. Mom says I’m very introverted with new people, but I’d say I’m selective and like quality people in my life, you know, the kind that give off the good vibes!

We went to someone’s house and I got to explore, ran into a cat! I loved the cat, followed him all around and suddenly he flopped onto the ground. I smelled and smelled, even nudged him a few times to see if he was alive, which he was, and he promptly whacked me. So mom says I’m probably good with cats, but i may get taught a lesson occasionally. 🙂

The other new thing is toys. I don’t fully understand them, but my foster brother chases and plays with all these things that look nothing like books or shoes. I’ve just started checking some of them out and I suppose they could be fun, especially if my foster mom gets down on the floor with me.

Mom says I have a lot to learn, but I already learned sit, I’m pretty impressed with myself. However, she keeps saying I can’t chew on her when we play, so I guess I still have some things to learn. I’m a young dog, full of love to give, so I think I can learn anything for the right treat, I mean hooman. 🙂 I’d love to be in a home where someone is home with me during the day, that would be dreamy. I do sleep in my crate every night and I’ve stopped all the whining, it got me nowhere. I do cry a little if I have to go in there during the day, but my awesome foster mom has started giving me amazing treats when I’m in there during the day.

I’d love to meet you, even if I’m shy, just know I’m a love bug and I love the great outdoors, especially if it’s with the good vibes hooman I bet you are. Let’s meet!