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Paulie had a pretty traumatic start with NCBR due to no fault of his own. He came to us very frightened and unsure of everything. In a few weeks time he has started coming out of his shell and has begun showing us his goofy playful side. Paulie has the uncanny skill of dancing to get attention and the more we laugh the more he dances. He loves every person he comes in contact with and is a huge fan of snuggling to watch TV. He often goes to work with his foster Dad and enjoys every scratch or belly rub he can con out of co-workers. Paulie does not require a lot of exercise but likes a good romp in the backyard and a comfy spot for sunbathing . Paulie gets along well with his fur sibling and has met other doggy friends without issue.

Thanks to NCBR’s Supporting Our Seniors (SOS) fund, Paulie’s adopter will be eligible to receive reimbursement for up to $1,000 of veterinary services after adoption!