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Princess is not concerned with too many things unless it involves food. If you want to be her best friend keep snacks readily on hand.

She spent much of her life in the backyard so she still learning how to play. She watches other dogs and tries to mimic what they’re doing often finds herself in an awkward position looking around trying to figure out what happens next.  If given the opportunity she will sleep on the bed but is smart enough to take direction to sleep on the floor. She loves to go for car rides but needs help getting into the car and her hips and legs are pretty tired in her older age.

Her favorite chew toy is a bully stick but it doesn’t last long. Don’t be fooled by her resting sad face, that’s just how she looks most of time. She’s a happy girl ready to spend the rest of her days basking in the shade.

She would be best in a calm, relaxed home. A place where she gets cuddles, that’s and an evening walk. Princess would need to either have a companion or needs to be in a home where people are not gone all day.


Professional photos courtesy of Pet Photos by Olin