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Miss Raina is the best dog…She minds well, likes to hang out while you garden/work and is mostly chill. She was such a help to me when I briefly had several foster puppies.  She helped keep the puppies in line.

Raina loves to go for walks or hikes and can do 4-5 miles. It helps keep her weight down as she loves to eat and will add weight if she is not exercised regularly – even if she is fed recommended amounts. Totally food motivated and easy to work with.  She enjoys hanging out with her people. A home where she could snuggle on the sofa and sleep on the bed is a must for her (she doesn’t get to do that with me). She enjoys the company of other dogs but is slow to warm up.  She is generally neutral with dogs in the house.  She walks well on a leash but she does have some fear reactivity when some dogs are around.  If you are ahead of it, keep her focused on you and feeling safe, she can move past.  I have taken her to outside music events and she has been fine with other dogs all around. Raina rides well in cars and crates well.

While Raina doesn’t play a lot, when she gets going she can be a bit rough and not a bit concerned about her power and claws. Children 10 or older is a better bet for this girl.

The best home for Raina is one where she would be showered with love, be taken for at least two  walks daily, go on adventures with her people – be a companion dog in the truest sense. She is the best dog ever,  a true gem – I tell her that every day.