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Rayne is a sweet, fun, loving, energetic boxer. She is quite shy and reserved at first, but once you gain her trust she will adore you completely and show you her bouncy, fun-loving side! Rayne loves her Nylabone and soft, squishy toys. Squeakers tend to befuddle her, as she seems to think the sound is coming from the ground instead of the toy. When she hears the squeak, she cocks her head and looks at the ground quizzically, then sometimes tries digging at the ground to try to get to the source. It’s comically endearing to watch!

After a slow introduction over time, Rayne gets along with our resident Chihuahuas, though they are old and grumpy and prefer not to engage with her. She has been introduced to cats and was curious but then ignored them. She could probably live with a dog-savvy cat with proper introduction and supervision.

Rayne has been rehabilitating from a broken leg, but has recently been able to start going on short walks. We’re learning that the world can be a challenging place for Rayne and loud noises startle her on these walks. However, with continued support, patience, and exposure we believe she will be able to overcome her fears and enjoy walking the neighborhood.

Rayne is one smart cookie and quickly learned to “sit” for treats. We’re working on “down” and “wait” now but these require a little more focus on her part. She’ll complain with little whimpers and sighs when she thinks you’re asking her to do something too taxing. 😉 Rayne is fully house-broken, crate-trained, and rides well in the car.

Rayne would do best in a steady, predictable home without a lot of new people coming and going. Children in the home would need to be able to understand her shyness and respect her need to get to know people first. She would also benefit from having a fur-companion to rely on, engage with, and play with in the Boxer style.