Rocky 1.2

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Hi friends,

I am Rocky!  I am a pretty chill dude who loves my short daily walks.  When I am out on my walks I love to smell all of the smells and do my business.  I walk beside my foster mom and could care less about the people walking by.  I am curious about some dogs, but I just look at them and my foster mom is able to redirect me on my way.

If I am not out for a walk, I like to lay on my dog bed and get pets and cuddles.  I do occasionally let my wild side out and do some zoomies or want to play and jump around.  My favorite is when my foster mom sits on the floor with me and massages my legs and I like to offer her my paw.  I am becoming more comfortable with pets around my head, but I may flinch.

Since I am deaf, I am learning signs to help me understand what my human is trying to say.  I know the “wait” command, which is a very important one.  When my human pats her legs, I know it is okay for me to come.  I also know the “no” command.  I am continuing to practice the hand signs for “good boy” and “sit.”  I am still working on checking in with my human more often.  She wants me to make eye contact with her so I know what I am supposed to do.  I am highly treat motivated, so I am learning very quickly!

I like being around my foster sister and I am still trying to figure out how dogs play.  I would be content as the only dog, as long as I could join in on family adventures.  But having a patient dog as a companion would be okay too.  I have realized that I prefer smaller dogs to bigger dogs.

Can’t wait to meet my new family!

Professional photos courtesy of Pet Photos by Olin