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Rogue is a boy that will bring a smile to your face every single day! He enjoys being around his family but is also quite content hanging out on the patio by himself soaking up the rays. Rogue is very people social and loves greeting guests into his home. He is a very polite greeter that doesn’t jump on guests but they may find a string of slobber added to their attire.

Rogue is completely potty and crate trained. He’d much rather be with his family so we do recommend having Rogue’s crate in a quiet area of the home where he can’t see his family while crated. He is nondestructive and is not a barker so he would also do well having the house while alone too.

Rogue is deaf and needs a family that understands his special needs and who will actively keep the world around him a low stress environment. Rogue is balanced, confident, and a very well mannered dog, however, due to his special need, he requires a stable and predictable home.

Rogue has wonderful engagement and is very food, play and praise motivated. He has great obedience skills – sit stays, down stays are a piece of cake for Rogue and he is conditioned to wearing a vibration collar for his recall.

Energy is not one of Rogue’s stronger qualities. This handsome boy is content with a nice leisure walk once daily or running around in his yard. He’d much rather show off his obedience but even better, he loves learning new tricks and commands!

Rogue can be too enthusiastic when meeting new dogs that can come off as very rude to others and must have his introductions done over time. If Rogue could speak, he’d clearly tell us that having a family all to his own would be his top preference. No small animals in the home.