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Rosy is a love bug. We are greeted each morning with a wagging tail that never seems to stop. She is full of affection and enjoys long walks & close snuggling. She plays gently with our senior boxer and seems very dog friendly. She is a bit too curious when she sees a cat or squirrel on our walks, so would not do well in a home with either as a pet.

This petite lady came to us fully potty trained. She walks well on a leash and sleeps quietly all night in her crate. Rosy loves playing with toys and generally acting like a boxer goofball.

She is food motivated and learns very quickly, she wants to please. She has learned to wait patiently outside of the kitchen while overseeing the preparation of her food from a distance. She joyfully greats new people, kids included, and other dogs. Instead of barking, she crows like a rooster at dogs or doorbells on the television.