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Adoption Fee:Tail:Sponsor:Lisa Zolfarelli, Lana Brewer, Angela Gil, Rita Torres

My foster mama says I am a gem of a boxer and will be an exceptional addition to my forever home.

I am a tall, svelte, classic boxer with a stunning brindle coat and incredibly affectionate personality. I love to play and my nub tail is at full speed all day long.

My basic manners are coming along but will need some help polishing. Walks are lots of fun, and I really want to say hi to other doggies. My foster mama uses a No Pull Harness sometimes accompanied by a Halti. I’m smart and want to learn, but I haven’t totally figured out the sit command unless you have a super high value reward.

Admittedly, I want the majority of attention and frequently hip check my foster brother (non boxer) out of the way. I outweigh him and my play style is a little too much.

Crates are fine if you throw in a treat to lure me. I can whine but give up quickly when no one pays attention. I’ve had a few accidents in the house and am embarrassed when it happens. My foster mama is learning my, “I need to go potty.” signals. When my foster mama isn’t looking, I like to search for household items to chew, and am not yet trusted alone.

Given Ruby’s high energy, she is better suited in a home with older children or without children. The forever home should be committed to working with Ruby and can give her plenty of exercise. Ruby has exhibited a strong prey drive so cats are an unknown.

Thanks so much for peeking at my profile. I can’t wait to meet you!!

Wags and wiggles,
Ruby (aka Ruby June)