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Sally is the sweetest love bug! She loves to play, snuggle and give kisses. She is quite beautiful, full of Boxer energy and a bit timid in personality. She is crate trained, potty trained, is learning basic commands and how to walk on a leash. She is very smart, attentive, affectionate and has the kindest soul. She likes her toys and plays well with all dogs she has met…likes to run and chase. She modifies her play style to accommodate the dogs she plays with.

Sally would probably fit well in a home with children with proper guidance on both sides. She lives with a resident cat and and may do fine with a dog savvy cat with proper guidance. She does have a high prey drive and is always ready for the chase. Sally is a higher energy dog and needs a fair amount of mental stimulation and physical exercise.  She may be a suitable running partner.  She likes to use her nose a bit so we are working on “find it” scent games. Sally should have a canine friend as she really likes other dogs and is more content with them around.

Please note: Puppies will only be adopted to a home with a preexisting adult dog, no children under age five, and where the puppy will not be home alone for long hours.