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Samuel is a funny, sweet, engaging and all around well-behaved boy. He is the perfect walking companion, typically walking side-by-side with his foster parent, and is more than content waiting as they finish taking street photos. He is un-moved by dogs barking on the street, but happily sniffs any willing newcomers. On walks, Samuel likes to check-in with his foster when another dog walks by or periodically throughout. Samuel also makes for a great errand companion as he doesn’t mind waiting in lines at Walgreens or the plant store.

Samuel is very excited to show you his toys and would love to have a human to engage him in periodic play and mental stimulation. He is energetic but will be calm when his activity needs are met. He loves to carry balls around and is learning to “drop it” so that his foster can play fetch in the yard. Samuel is quite responsive to “sit” and “down” and is currently working on “stay”, “leave it” and “paw”. Something super special is that Samuel is very happy with being clicker trained. He is very excited by clicks and treats, and will work extra hard to earn them.

Samuel really loves his people and is working on feeling less anxious when they leave. Samuel knows the difference between his toys and his fosters things and is very conscientious to only play with his belongings. He enjoys sleeping on his bed or in his crate, and is fully housebroken. Samuel is vocal about his needs, like play time or going outside. He’ll let his foster know with a little huff or sigh. Samuel sticks to sleeping on his bed and not the couch, which his foster really appreciates. He’s not much of a cuddler but happily shows you his belly and loves to be pet. Samuel has enjoyed short car rides and will likely be a fine road trip buddy, responding well to “down” in the car.