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Hi my name is Sandra (but my foster family prefer to call me Sandy). I am a senior boxer but I am extremely spry and lively and love to play with my stuffy toys. I am still coming out of my shell after a spell in the shelter and surgery in 3 different places. I am really a very good girl and LOVE snuggles but I might get a bit overzealous so you just have to hold your boundaries with me. I love to get on the sofa and bed but if you don’t like that, just work with me and I will stop eventually (my current foster humans have not let me go on their sofa or bed – but I’ll forgive them).

I love people and anyone I meet and have started to get my butt wiggles back!!! I am vocal when I need something and I take a little bit of patience to understand what I need but my current foster human can give you all of the insights on my communication style.

I like my home to be relatively peaceful but love to hang out in my crate if it gets a bit overwhelming. I love my crate and it is my sanctuary as long as a have comfortable warm blankets and a stuffy or two. I am looking for stability, love and a place to play with humans as part of my retirement years – but I think I have quite a few more years left in me yet!!!