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Sky is a lovely, gentle gal. She believes she is a lap dog and prefers to be by your side where ever you go. She will give a little nudge with her nose if she wants affection (can be very persistent if you try to ignore the request). She will settle down quickly after a brief head rub.

She greets new people with a wiggle and kisses if allowed. She is especially fond of men.

It took her awhile to show her pleasure with toys. She now enjoys plush toys, and will bring it over to play tug. She is not interested in balls or playing fetch.

She is extremely tolerant of our young male resident Boxer who incessantly is trying to engage her in play by biting her face and legs. She will wrestle and play with him for a bit several times throughout the day (can be loud with play growls), but also grows tired of it, and will escape to her safe zone. She also will grab a toy so he will play tug and bite the toy rather than her (pretty smart).

She will bark at squirrels and chase them if given the opportunity (our fence is a squirrel highway). She is very focused on this activity, and difficult to get her distracted if she sees a squirrel.

She will also bark to alert you if someone is at the door (knock or doorbell rings). If you try to keep her behind a barrier she will continue to bark, but if you let her come to the door she is very calm. We discovered this on Halloween. She was very happy to see all the trick or treaters.

She does not know commands. We are working on sit, which she will do for a treat, but stands up quickly if you step back (she does not know stay) or if you try to lead her into down (won’t lay down). She seems like she will be able to learn with high value treats and consistent training. If she is focused on something (such as a squirrel) she will not be distracted by treats of any sort (at least none that I have found).

She will enter a solid sided crate as long as the door remains open. She may even sleep in it. But as soon as you close the door she is very anxious. She was able to open the door of our wire sided crate. If you desire her to be fully crate trained it will take some patience. When we have to leave her alone, I just let her have the whole bedroom, with the knowledge she will most likely jump up on our bed in our absence. She scratches at the door if she is closed away from you, but will eventually settle down.

She is completely house trained. We have not had any indoor accidents. Most of the time she uses our doggy door, but has also been in locations that she is closed in. She will whine or paw at me if she needs to go out to relieve herself. She sleeps through the night without needing to go out, but in the early morning she likes to be escorted to the doggy door (I don’t know why she won’t just take herself out).

Sky is a very good travel dog. She will just settle down to sleep. We have gone on several long distant trips (3+ hours). She will go potty easily when you stop. She has even helped keep our other dog calmer when traveling.

She really enjoys walks around the neighborhood. We use a harness since she did try to slip out of her collar once when she saw a cat across the street. She walks really well side by side with our resident dog. She likes to stop to sniff the good scents, and the two dogs take turns being in the lead.

Sky will be a wonderful companion to someone who has lots of love and affection for her.