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Sydney is a wonderful, sweet dog. She loves to cuddle with her human and is very affectionate. Couch time is her favorite and she happily snuggles up to you. She loves to go in the car and is very patient while her human is running errands. She will happily lay down in the back and softly snore while driving around. She makes the perfect companion for someone with an open heart.

Sydney may be timid and shy at first, but warms up quickly with a few good treats. She has a good amount of energy, but does not need a lot of exercise. One or two walks a day and a little yard to run around, will be perfect for her. She is great when you have work to do and does not require a lot of extra attention. She will easily take a good nap by your feet and just wants to be near you.

She has shown interest in chasing small animals so a cat free home is probably best.  She will do best as an only dog.

We are still trying to find out what is her favorite toy, as she does not seem impressed with our usual dog toys. She does not chew on any human items and does not scratch anything. While she is not fully crate trained, she will go into the crate with quality treats. She does scratch at the cage and needs a little more work on not reacting when her human leaves the house with out her. Sydney should not be left alone for extended periods of time. She needs a human with patience, love and lots of affection to return. Sydney will make her new human very happy!