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SPECIAL NEEDS NOTE: Tank is an amazing boy with the ability to be energetic or chill depending on what is going on. Tank requires a very specific home due to resource guarding and some stranger danger. Tank requires a home without children and only a confident female dog.  Tank has some stranger danger therefore needs a human who will allow him to meet new people at his own pace.

Hi!  My name Tank and I am a sweet, cuddly, and goofy pup with so many layers.  Once I start to feel at home, I can be pretty goofy and I will make you laugh with my silliness.  Even though I am comfortable in my foster home, I would LOVE to find my forever home.  It takes me some time to feel at home, so I hope to get settled into a new place soon.

I LOVE to go on adventures, go hiking, play in the sand, and I just realized that I like the water.  I do walk kind of funny in the water though.  Car rides are my favorite and I’m always excited to see where I get to go.  I run to the garage door and spin in circles waiting to jump in the car.

I also enjoy cuddling on the couch next to my special person.  Also, if you are willing I won’t take your side of the bed.  My favorite toys include stuffed animals, bones and balls.  I don’t always like to share, but I am working on that.  I am such a quick learner and I will do anything for treats!  I walk well on a leash with occasional pulling.  Sometimes I want to say hello to another dog passing by, but I don’t make a sound.  While on my walks I always check in with my foster mom and I can be easily redirected with a “look” command.  Don’t forget to bring the treats on our walks.   My best skills are with the commands: sit, go to your bed, and lay down.

I would really like to find a home with a calm and self-assured female dog who enjoys people.  I like playing with my foster sister and we have so much fun.  She also helps me with my confidence and guides me on how to act appropriately.  I would also do best with a new family who is strong and who will continue to build my confidence and continue working on my skills. My new family will also be patient with me because I require slow introductions when meeting new people.  New people often make me nervous and my new family will let me meet guests on my own terms.