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Tank is a very sweet and gentle soul who likes to cuddle or be by your side. New things and change can make him a bit nervous. Introductions to people should be done slowly.

Tank is a huge cuddle bug and he is right by his human’s side at all times. He is curious about the dogs on the other side of the fence, but he is easily redirected with a “leave it” command. Tank is a pro at the following commands: sit, where is your bed/go, and lay down. He is potty trained, walks well on the leash, with occasional pulling. He is consistently checks in with his human and is redirected with a “look” command. He is extremely food motivated. Tank would benefit from a home with a female dog that he gets along with and also a female dog who loves people. Tank is slow to get to know humans and he is growing more confident everyday.

While not introduced to cats he does have a high prey drive so a home with cats may not be a good fit. He gets along with the resident dog but is uncertain on how to play.

Tank is a sweet boy that will need a family to provide some guidance.