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Toby is very playful. He loves to play with and chew his squeaky toys, and also run through the sprinklers. Although he is lovable, he does have a strong personality. He sticks close to his foster Mom at home and wants to ride in the car at every opportunity and behaves well. He has had obedience training and it shows in his behavior, but he requires a strong leader and continuous training to keep him busy and expend his energy. Although Toby has not been around cats, he does show interest in them. He might be capable of living with cats with the right training but we do not know for sure.

Toby has gotten along with every foster dog regardless of gender or age, and he has been a great role model, .He is still learning to not play so rough but he can still be very pushy. Toby is loving in his own way without smothering you, and he does seek comfort and support from his humans. He is a great boy and traveling partner.

Toby has been around older children but he plays roughly so should not go to a family with children less than 15 years of age.

Toby came to NCBR with frequent and severe seizures. After trying many medications and varying doses, we finally have Toby’s seizures controlled. And now that his seizures are under control, Toby has more energy and willingness to do every thing he can, whether it’s running with his foster siblings or playing catch by himself with his squeaky ball.



Toby was excited to get outside after our very wet winter!