Toby 2

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SPECIAL NEEDS NOTE: Toby is going to need a very specific home environment.  He cannot be in a home with other animals or children of any age.  NO EXCEPTIONS. If you meet the requirements and are interested in adopting Toby, please email

We know you’re out there.  You secretly love shelter in place.  You relish the lack of social contact.  You’re happy to spend a quiet day at home, as long as you’re with your one best (boxer) friend.

Guess what?  Your boxer soulmate is waiting for you!  Toby, an extraordinarily good-looking guy, may look like the life of the party, but he isn’t fond of a busy social calendar.  In fact, he would love nothing more than to spend his days at home with you and you alone.

Toby has spent some time with our wonderful trainers at Tug Dogs, he is fun, friendly and affectionate, but he takes his social distancing seriously and prefers a home where he can avoid encountering other animals and children, and where he’ll have a yard for playtime and lounging.