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Hi I’m Waldo! I am a young, happy, VERY loving full on boxerish boxer (and my foster mom keeps telling me I’m handsome). I LOVE people, snuggles, and lots of playing. I particularly love playing with my foster brother Lalo. I would love to have a brother or sister to play with who will understand my goofy boxer play style. That’s why my foster mom won’t let me play with Lola, the foster sister Boston terrier. I think she might be worried that I might be too much for her. I don’t want to hurt her but I think I may be a bit too boisterous for her since she is so little.

I wasn’t very well trained before I was fostered and was not sure where I should and shouldn’t go to the bathroom – my foster mom helped me a lot and now I have more structure and am doing really well with my potty habits. I am even asking to go out by ringing the bells on the back door, I potty when mom asks me!!! This seems to be pleasing my foster mom a lot which makes me happy because I am a good boy and love to please people. But I will need someone who can continue to train me to be the best dog I can be and someone who is a bit stronger because I am a strong boy, but don’t worry, I don’t pull on the leash.

I love ALL toys – no toy is off limits for me but I particularly love balls, sticks and tug toys. I suggest that you hide your slippers because I really love those too.

I love having people around me and I don’t really love my crate, however, I am getting used to it pretty quickly. Did I mention that I love toys? I really love the frozen Kongs filled with peanut butter and the frozen lick plate and the chew bones and stuffies that my mom leaves in my crate randomly. She has made me feel much more comfortable in my crate and I am happy there for about 3-4 hours.

I would love an adopter who loves to take hikes, long walks or run. I think I might even be able to run next to a bike if trained. I just LOVE to run and jump and I think I have a lot of stamina.

Mostly I just want a furever home. I have a lot of years of love and affection to give the right family, I hope you choose me!