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Willie, my little Superhero!
A day in the life of Willie is pretty chill but he is always ready for an adventure. He loves walks to explore the neighborhood, keeping it safe from all cats and any leaf that may blow by. During our walks, Willie starts out eager and pulls a bit but with some reminding he calms down and becomes a slack leash walker. Willie is always on alert and if he sees a cat he will lunge at it, if I remind him to leave it with a gentle pull of the leash he will move on, ready to go again.

If the next adventure involves a car ride, Willie is all in! He loves car rides and having his head out of the window to feel the wind in his hair (fur) and smelling all of the amazing smells the world has to offer.

At home, Willie will take off his cape and relax. He loves to lay around, but don’t worry he will make sure you are safe at all times. If you move he moves, he loves to be with his people and will follow you everywhere from the garage to the bathroom.

Willie’s kryptonite is the shutting of the crate. While I am at work I have been crating him and he hates to hear and see that door shut. Once inside though, he calms down after a bit of complaining (barking). We are working on letting him stay home alone in a controlled area. While in the house, I have seen no destructive behaviors and he is completely house trained.

Willie cannot leap tall buildings in a single bound, but he will steal your heart with a single glance!