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Meet Willow, our “Valley Fever” success story. She came to NCBR a very sickly, boney pup, but has overcome her illness and transformed into the sweetest, kindest, most fun-loving, goofball ever. Willow loves running, playing in the sprinkler, romping with the little dogs, and does hilarious Boxer Zoomies all over the place. Her foster mom describes her as affectionate, sensitive, obedient, and an absolute joy. Willow will slow down for cuddles on the couch, but otherwise prefers to be on the go… though she has not been destructive with toys, furniture or the yard, and doesn’t try to escape.

This energetic girl will thrive with an active family and older children who will keep up with her zoomies. Willow is an inside dog that is crate-trained and housebroken with a doggie door. While her new family will need to provide lifelong medication as a result of the Valley Fever, she is a champ at taking pills without fuss. Willow is going to make some lucky family the most wonderful addition!




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Jeri Irby
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