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Yoshi is the sweetest boxer, who just wants all the love and cuddles. She’s extremely affectionate. Yoshi likes to start and end her day with a walk. She is great on a leash, but is reactive to other dogs. She will sit before crossing the street when asked, but also won’t shy away from an attempted squirrel chase. During her humans work day, she will either spend the day napping or request pets and love until she decides to take another nap. Raw hide bones keep her busy throughout the day. She is a big fan of the chicken jerky sticks from Trader Joe’s. Yoshi loves being outdoors! She’s a great hiking buddy and does well in the car, where she’ll usually fall asleep again. When out in public, she is known for being the “cutest boxer” anyone has ever seen. She’s nervous upon being introduced to strangers, but quickly warms up. She’s protective to her person, which will make her an incredible forever friend.


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