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Zach is looking for a forever home but since he just finished Board and Train he is looking for a foster home at the moment. He can also be a “foster to adopt” home as well. If interested in fostering Zach please visit this page: Fostering

I have been “off to school” learning about myself.  I enjoy playing chase & rolling in the grass. I would love to spend most of my day with you.  I love doing activities & having adventures to get my wiggles out. Oh, please add daily snuggles and cuddles.😊

Notes from Zach’s Training – Zach has now been living with several dogs and has not had a single aggressive issue. He has even been corrected twice for over exuberant play and he has taken the correction and moved away. There are shared chew toys throughout the house and Zach has not showed any issues guarding them. He has shared affection and been able to easily take treats side by side of other dogs. Although Zach has been around other dogs, it is best that Zach be the only dog in the home.

Zach is working hard on his manners. He is getting used to the new head harness and it’s helping with his walking. On neighborhood walks, Zach is generally doing well. He is highly distracted by seeing other dogs but so far no barking, just pulling.

He is getting much more exercise combined with consistent messaging that jumping up on people doesn’t work. This has made him already a much better house guest.

Zach has substantial separation anxiety and will need lots of exercise and enjoys a high value chew or puzzle meal. Zach is going to need a foster that is home as much as possible.

Zach has good house manners in general: no destructive chewing, sleeping loose in the house easily, no potty accidents, good ability to settle.

*Zach is special needs as he is deaf