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A few of our VERY lucky boxers have had their ADOPTION FEES sponsored, this includes Zach!

Handsome man Zach is a big, good looking white boxer who has an impressive boxer wiggle and loves snuggles.  Zach has been living with a trainer for several weeks to teach and solidify has worldly skills.  Although Zach is deaf, he has no problem getting his party on and practicing his training skills for treats.

Zach is looking for a home where he will be the only dog as he has demonstrated changing his mind towards other dogs when living in the same home. Zach has been reliably social with every person he has met from visitors to vet staff. He handles baths, nail trims, and ear cleans without a hint of concern.

Zach is potty trained, knows how to walk nicely on leash, can follow hand signal commands and loves to grab a chew and relax. Since he is deaf, he is not reactive to doorbells, delivery trucks, fireworks, barking dogs etc…

Zach is working on separation anxiety. To help Zach relax, he takes medication with his morning and evening meals. Zach needs a home where someone is mostly home to avoid triggering his solo distress. Zach would love a fully fenced backyard as he is comfortable spending alone time in the yard with a dog cot to rest on. Zach has been non destructive, non reactive, and not interested in escaping in the yard.

Zach has been working hard on being able to be comfortably confined. While the crate is a no go for him (at least as of now) Zach has been building up his ability to rest in a 4×4 kennel. Having a space to set up this kennel for him would be ideal – a space such as a spare room.

Lastly, Zach is looking for a home that will continue to help him improve in his separation anxiety treatment. The steps are easy and not time consuming (practicing leaving the house in short spurts, giving him food puzzles). His trainer will provide the details.

This sweet guy is so worth the effort and his foster and forever family will be rewarded with lots of love and boxer antics!