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Little Miss Zoe is a LOVE BUG! It seems what she wants most in life is to be with you, love you, give you kisses, and cuddle! Zoe is a petite Boxer at 30 lbs. but don’t let her size fool you, she doesn’t seem to notice she is small and is quite confident. If you are looking for a companion, Zoe is for you.

Zoe is completely blind and has been for most of her life. That does not hamper her abilities or enthusiasm! In fact, at times I forget she is blind because she is so capable. She does great on walks (really likes going for walks) and maneuvering the house (keep it predictable). I had anticipated that Zoe would be a dog that would lag on walks – getting the 411 via scent – not the case. She loves the physical activity,walks very well, and appreciates your direction. A super star in my book! I have taken her on city walks, country walks, park walks – she’s done wonderful on all. Zoe does like to meet people though, so be prepared to be social. She is so darn cute, friendly, and tiny – it always starts a conversation.

Zoe has gone RV camping with me and was quite a camper. She likes her walks and was fine being left for a few hours. Zoe travels well but the movements of the car/RV on bumpy or twisty roads can cause some uncertainty for her at first. Lately though, she just settles in and understands the car ride. She crates for a few hours just fine during the day and crates all night.

Zoe has been fine with all dogs she has met but is too attentive to cats and small animals. She is not a dog that engages in dog play and has been somewhat ambivalent about dogs in general. She is not a dog park gal – but I take her nearly everywhere and she is a great companion. Dogs in her book are “Meh,” people are “YAHOO!”