Rudy – Courtesy Listing*

Rudy is an AKC registered brindle Boxer. His line is European which means he is stockier than American counterparts but he is still boxer all the way. He is 18 months old and still very much a puppy; he loves to play and run any chance he gets. We have a four year old Weimaraner that Rudy will chase, be chased by and continuously engage when we are all outside. We have four children ages 6-15 that he gets along with wonderfully; he loves to be in whichever room the family is in. He is a character- we often catch him intently watching the screen when we have a movie night; or he will pounce on and paw at toys as if he is a big kitten. And the best is the hip wiggle he has when he’s excited.
Rudy has minimal training, he understands come, sit, stay, lay and no but he is not 100% obedient with those commands. He is house trained and understands potty as well. With a standard collar he will pull on the leash but we often use a prong collar and light touch is all that is needed for him to relax tension on the leash. We have had Rudy around other dogs that are unknown to him and he has interacted without incident.

Rudy does have aggression during feeding. His aggression is directed at our other dog and has only ever been during feeding times. Since we got him at 8 weeks old he has had his own food and water bowls, and each dog had their own separate areas. It began at early on but has really become an issue for us in the last six months.

We feel that a single dog home is the best fit for Rudy. He is a good dog but we feel that it is unfair for both dogs to have this ongoing problem.


Name: Matthew Pereyda

Phone: (916) 322-4632


Dog’s Location: Roseville, CA