Adam Brenneman

Having a dog will bless you with many of the happiest days of your life, and one of the worst. My worst was this week. You were the greatest friend I’ve ever known Duncan and I’ll miss you more than words can express. Coming home to your wiggle butt and goofy smile was the highlight of my day for 7 years. Your cuddles got me through the darkest of nights and and your kisses made for the brightest of days. You explored the world with me with endless curiosity and boundless joy. If I could be half the person you were Duncan, I’d be twice the human I am. You were the bestest of boys and part of my heart went with you on that sad day. I love you Duncan. Rest in peace my sweet boy. I hope this donation can help a few of his boxer brethren.

Adam BrennemanDuncan, the goodest of boys

Happy Birthday Jasmine. I’m donating to NCBR to honor your love of boxers and your generous spirit in being a foster parent to so many beautiful dogs. Love you lots.

Beth and Finn

In honor of Miss Tallulah

The Heimann Boxer Crew5.25.19

In memory of Elaine “Renee” DiSerio.

Heather Haley Baden5.21.19

Happy Birthday, Sarah McKensie!

Mary Jones4.09.19
Christine & Justin

In loving memory of our goofy wiggle butt Bugsy. Happy Birthday!!

Christine & Justin3.16.19
Your Family

We will always love you Rufus. Happy Birthday old friend.

Your Family3.16.19

Lynn, We make this donation in honor of your 50th Birthday and your love of boxers. Also in loving memory of your Boxer Otis.

Donated by Lea and Mike Knop3.10.19

This donation is in honor of our friend Linda and her beautiful dog, Lucy, for whom she cared so lovingly.

Shev Rush3.02.19

Missing Roseanne Robertson, my little Sis. I know you are reunited with all your precious fur babies and having a special birthday in heaven.

With love from your big Sis.2.23.19

To my lifelong friend Evelyn Dilley Irwin, who passed away in Pine Bluff, AR on February 3, 2012, and who requested that memorials be made to the Eve Dilley Memorial here at NorCal Boxer Rescue.

And what a fitting tribute it is because, although Eve loved me, she loved her boxers more. My dear sweet Eve, how I miss you.

Stephen A. Johnson2.16.19

In honor of Hurley, a good boy who will be missed more than words can describe. We love you guys.

Donated by Kristi, Jodi and Stephanie2.09.19

This donation is a birthday gift for a dear friend of mine, Doreen, who is also a friend of and to NCBR. She has loved her boxer, Benjamin, as well as been a fantastic “Other Mom” for our boxer, Hana, and she continues to sponsor another Sr. dog at NCBR. Happiest of birthdays, Doreen, from Kugyo, Benjamin, and Hana.

With love, Kugyo1.15.19

In loving memory of Walter Hake, who brought such pleasure, companionship and love to my dear friend, Chris. Walter was such a sweet and handsome boy. When he was in need, Chris took him in as a forever friend.

Susan McCandless1.09.19







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