Xerxes – Courtesy Listing*

Xerxes (zurk-zeez) is a big sweet stud muffin who is nothing but love! He wants nothing more to hang out with his family, on the couch watching movies or going for a walk in the great outdoors.

Xerxes needs a very specific kind of adopter, as he needs certain attention due to being one of the world’s greatest escape artists! When he doesn’t have the direct attention of his family, Xerxes loves to go one grand adventures by himself, usually outside of property lines.

Xerxes requires a home where the property is fenced with wooden panel fencing at least 6ft high. Any sort of chain link or chicken wire, he will be able to climb out. In replacement of, or in addition to, an outdoor dog run with a roof/cover is also acceptable.

We would like an adopter who has experience with the Boxer breed, who understands and is attentive to their needs. Xerxes is a wonderful dog who deserves a loving home. The right home is one where he will have 100% no way to escape from his surroundings.


Name: Rebekah McKown

Phone: (480) 703-0024

Email: Rebekah.mckown@gmail.com

Dog’s Location: Benton, CA (Mono County)