Bea – March, 2010

Bea (fka Kachina) found her fur-ever home with Blake H.

“Bea has been nothing short of an absolute dream dog. She had a very busy weekend. When we first got her home we let her sniff out the perimeter of the house and then I began to lead her into the house. We quickly learned that she didn’t have much experience with stairs. after touring the top floor of the house I had to almost drag her to convince her the stairs leading down were not going to hurt her. (She runs them now 🙂 After settling down after her first night we were up bright and early for a morning walk and then running errands all over the city all with Bea in tow. After a full day of errands Bea and I walked over to the Local Dog Park where she received a compliment from someone driving by “what a beautiful Boxer”. Bea had the entire place to her self we ran a bit and played and by the time we got home she was exhausted… Later my sister and brother inlaw came over with my niece and they enjoyed meeting Bea. My niece loved her, brought her a toy, and could not stop giggling about the kisses and her “paw kneading” when getting excited.

“Sunday We drove down to La Honda and took her on a 4 mile hike out in the Redwoods it was great and she loved it. Needless to say she was tired when we got back.

“Throughout the week Bea has just been perfect at home while we have been at work. No issues. She has had no accidents, she wakes Nicole up every morning at about 7 to take her outside and then just comes back to bed like she knows we want to continue to sleep a bit.

“One of my favorite things that I doubt will last forever, is that she seems to refuse to poop anywhere but at our house so far I have not had the pleasure of picking up poop in plastic bag and Im happy about that.

“She is so calm and relaxed in the house tends to follow me a bit and watch what Im doing, but then you get her outside and she still runs and plays it great!

“This weekend Bea is going to get to experience the snow as we are heading up to Tahoe and next weekend is Yosemite. Thank You!!”
Best Regards,