Meghan Christina Gumbelevicius was born December 15, 1981 in Vacaville, California.

She left this world September 17, 2000 as a passenger in an automobile accident.

Meghan was the youngest of 3 sisters. She graduated from Notre Dame Catholic grade school in Vacaville and St. Francis High School in Sacramento. She was a beautiful, compassionate, spiritual, and kind child who touched many lives. She was preparing to enter her sophomore year at Davis September 28th where she was on the Dean’s list of honor students. She hoped to major in business or law, especially in the field of agriculture, viticulture or veterinary science, where she would be able to work outdoors or with animals. Meghan was a magnet with her friends, always planning dinners, trips or outings to snowboard, to go to Great America to the water slides, or to the movies. She loved life, her family, and her many friends. Meghan loved to write poetry, and had written poems since she was 10 years old, and had some published nationally.

Meghan’s mother grew up with a boxer and had 2 more since her childhood, all named Velvet. In lieu of a horse, which Meghan wanted, she got her own Velvet when she was a freshman in high school. Velvet slept with Meghan every night for 4 years. Velvet developed lymphoma, right after Meghan graduated from high school. When the decision was made to put Velvet to sleep, Meghan’s request was to postpone for one more day so she could sleep with Velvet her last night. Because of her special love for Velvet, during her freshman year at Davis, Meghan volunteered at the SPCA to walk the dogs. She said even if she could give the dogs just one day of pleasure it was worth it. After Velvet’s death, Meghan got online with NorCal Boxer Rescue to help heal her own pain and to try to help heal the pain for the rest of the family. Relentlessly, during that summer, she would call her mom to the online site, trying to get us to adopt a boxer. After moving to UC Davis, she would call about a specific dog she had walked at the SPCA. We weren’t ready to chance the pain of losing another dog. Meghan said she had a plan and was committed to us getting another Boxer. We have yet to do this, but when we are able, we plan to adopt a Boxer, another Velvet.

Meghan adopted a rat from a UCD laboratory, Raticus, as well as 2 rats from the SPCA, just prior to coming home for the summer after her freshman year. She also brought home 5 mice. Two weeks prior to her death, she rescued a 3-4 week old black kitty, which she found meowing and alone in the rain under a Volkswagen bug. Of course, she named him Bugs. We now have Bugs, and care for him as we know Meghan would want us to. In addition, Meghan was addicted to horses and horseback riding, English or western, having taken lessons for the past 6 years. She was on her way home from a riding show in Napa with her boyfriend when the accident occurred. We know Meghan would be so honored that so many people cared and loved her and our family so much to contribute to Boxer Rescue in her memory. Her love and compassion for animals will live through the dogs her memory helped rescue.

Meghan’s mom and dad,
John & Carol Gumbelevicius

NorCal Boxer Rescue has set up a fund in loving memory of Meghan and her boxer, Velvet. All donations to this fund go directly to emergency costs needed in order for NCBR to save a particular boxer we would not otherwise be able to help due to costs involved in their care. This may include a boxer that needs extensive surgery. All donations are sent directly to NCBR’s veterinarian. Please email us for more information.