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Where’s Waldo? Right here! I’m a triple threat, handsome, sweet and smart and just want to please my family. I learned how to “sit” in record time, and I know how to “shake”; I’m ambidextrous so I can shake with either paw and will learn anything and everything for treats. I have great manners and am very polite at mealtimes and when I’m coming or going out of the door. Unlike most puppies, I don’t leap into my food or throw myself out the door because I am such a well-mannered and distinguished gentleman. I already know how to “leave it’, “drop”, “off”, you know, all the things that puppies need to learn.

I live with my adult boxer brother and my real fur sister, and I love running in the backyard and playing with both of them; it’s extra fun because I’ve got an unfair advantage; my very long legs. I can also just vibe out and chill when it’s time to settle down. Walkies are the best and I love it so much that I could probably walk for ever so maybe I’d make a great running partner. I just discovered squeaky balls and love to chase them, but sometimes I get distracted by how handsome I am if I run past the patio door and catch a glimpse of myself, and then I forget to bring the ball back.

My foster fam says I’ve got the most expressive eyes ever and as if that isn’t enough, I have very striking markings and every time we go to the park, people always talk about how handsome I am. I try not to let it get to my head, but I do appreciate compliments. OK, gotta run and do handsome dog stuff but I would love to meet you!

*Puppies will only be adopted to a home with a preexisting adult dog, no children under age five, no unfenced pools, and where the puppy will not be home alone for long hours. Do not fill out an application for a puppy if you do not meet ALL requirements. Your application will be immediately denied and will not be processed.