In loving memory of Bayla. She brought so much joy and love into the lives of our friends Tiffany and Geoff. She will always be in our hearts.

The Furusho Family05.28.24

In memory of Emme Andre and the much beloved boxer of Jason and Jill Andre who passed away in April

Robert & Mariana Kopacz05.12.24

In memory of Glenda Miller’s beloved Reagan. Thank you Glenda for all that you do to help NCBR and for being so kind to other Boxer lovers.

Aimee Hofstra04.22.24

In memory of precious Zoe – a loyal companion who stuck with you through all of life’s ups and downs. Having served her duties well, may she rest in peace.

Debbie Bridges04.18.24

In Memory of Lazer, my beloved boy and the hopes I get another NCBR boxer in the future!

Leanne Wesner Donaldson04.11.24

In honor of our sweet Daisymae – I miss you so much

Lorie Ortiz03.08.24
Stacy Cooper

In memory of Tripper (aka Foxy) who passed away March 3.   She was doing great in her senior years until this past month. She was 12-13 years old? Time goes so fast.  It never gets easier. She was a special boxer and my bff. And a poster 3 legger! I hope she finds me again. I will miss her forever.

Stacy Cooper03.07.24

In memory of Michael Carlson.

With love from Tony, Joyce, and Danielle Delario.

donated by Tony, Joyce and Danielle Delario03.02.24

In memory of Michael Carlson who dearly loved his boxers

Vicki Lynn Swanson02.24.24

In memory of Michael Carlson

Michael and Alena Lennie02.21.24
Andy & Yessi

Happy birthday Dad!

Andy & Yessi02.19.24

In memory of Michael Carlson

Norio and Carolyn Lari02.13.24

In memory of Michael Carlson

San Francisco Nurse Practitioner Group02.13.24

In memory of Michael Carlson

Michael and Karin Morey and Family02.11.24

In memory of Mike Carlson.

Love, Kari, Katie, Selena, Shannon and Stephanie02.08.24
Donated by Patrick Wenzel’s WI McHugh Family

In loving memory of our beloved family member Patrick Wenzel whose Boxers were his family for most of his life.

Donated by Patrick Wenzel’s WI McHugh Family02.01.24

In memory of Lazer

Leanne Wesner Donaldson01.30.24
Jody Angel & Lenny Simpson

In appreciation of Melissa & Darrin Deel for their fostering numerous Boxers for NCBR, especially for fostering & taking such great care of Gypsy. Thank you for everything you do!

Jody Angel & Lenny Simpson01.15.24

In memory of Lazer

Leanne Wesner Donaldson01.08.24












Tribute Giving

Tribute Giving is a great way to help boxers in need while also commemorating your friend, family member, loved one or beloved pet. If you would like to submit a tribute, please submit this form:

If you would like to set up a special tribute fund for a wedding, memorial or other occasion, please email us and we will be happy to work with you to meet your needs.

A BIG THANKS to all of those who donated on the 2024 Big Day of Giving!

Lynn Swanson: Dedicated to Lexi in San Diego

Christina Salenger: On behalf of Naija

Carol Willadsen: In memory of Irene Genauer

Terri Townsend: In memory of Sammie Sue and Roxie Rose

Paul Forsythe: In honor of NCBR

Lindsay McCauley: In memory of Moses Malone McCauley-NCBR Alum

Susan MacCulloch: In honor of Abby & Kashmir

Robin McGillicuddy: On behalf of All of the NCBR pups and also, my NCBR Co- Volunteers

Jaye Buhlis: In memory of Juno

Tricia Ossa: In memory of Irene Genauer

Erin Parker: In memory of Stella Parker

John Ossa: In memory of Henry FCP Ossa

Monika Miles: In honor of Macy – my sweet rescue

Madelaine Krehm: Dedicated to Gary

Lawrence Yee: Dedicated to Helen, Daphne, Bunny, and Bo

Sandra Van Scyoc: In memory of Pippi, Maddie & Theodore

Jennifer Omahony: Dedicated to Max

Andrea Andrade-Warner Dedicated to Chester Andrade-Warner

Amy Glenn: In honor of Ava

Grace Fong: In memory of Baxter the sweetest wigglebutt!

Rebecca Genauer: In honor of Peter

Daniel Pozzesi: On behalf of Eleanor Pozzesi

Rhonda Carrigan: In honor of all the dogs I’ve loved before

Jan Skapik: Dedicated to Cali Girl and Zoe

Melody Derenia: In memory of Irene & Bentley Genauer: Your love lives on

Melody Derenia: In memory of Precious Patty: See you in Paradise

Michelle Childs: Dedicated to Taiyo

Luree Jones: In memory of Moose

Lauren Dunne: In memory of Ziggy & Barney

Peter Illes: Dedicated to Raisin

Blythe Owens: Dedicated to Chase, our new NCBR rescue 🙂

Linda Powell: In memory of Lola

Christina Wilson: In memory of Louis