Donating in honor of Alyssa Harmon-Ettl and Mathew Ettl

Kirsten Ettl12.24.21

Happy Birthday Tish!

Donated by the Customer Readiness Team!12.23.21

Merry Christmas Dad!

Andrew & Yesenia Smith12.19.21

In memory of Mary Healy, whose sweet spirit is missed by everyone fortunate enough to have known her, but especially the Boxers who could always count on her for a treat under the table.

Selena Chaisson12.18.21

With knowing eyes and a wizened wiggly butt, Xochi spread happiness wherever he went. No one who met Xochi can ever forget him.

With Love, Ken & Rick12.18.21

We know you loved that Sassy Sammie girl and gave her the best life ever.

Rachel, James and Wolf12.13.21

I have made a donation gift to NorCal Boxer Rescue for Christmas for my Granddaughter and her husband, Michelle and Andy Brashears.

Donna Hott12.13.21
Gary & Estella Sterner

In Memory of Vinny the beloved Boxer of our daughter Rhonda and her husband Nick. Vinny was loved by our whole family and was always the honored guest at all of our family gatherings. He is still missed by all of us. Thanks to NCBR for your work on behalf of this lovely breed of dogs.

Vinny passed 12/31/2012

Gary & Estella Sterner11.28.2021

Merry Dogmas to Molly Bukro and all the other superb foster moms out there. Molly, I know you put your heart and soul into helping heal (and heel) boxers and finding them loving homes. Bless you for all you do. I am fortunate to be your mother, and I am so proud of you and all you do. This gift is also from (in absentia) all the former family boxers: Uma, Wrinkles, Sophie, Blanche, Gussie, and Wilson — and from Finn, a boxer at heart.

With love, Mom11.21.21

In memory of Pilgrim, the sweetest baby sitting buddy to fill our house with laughter and love…..will remember him always.



Penny and Larry11.01.2021

Tom, I am so sorry for your loss. Pilgrim was a such a wonderful companion for you and I know a piece of your heart goes with him. Sending you so much love and hugs.

Denise and Robert of the Hoven Foundation

We feel like we’re still hearing and seeing Red at times.  He was with us for only 5 years but his presence goes on forever just like Sadie before him.

When I head to the front door from the garden I almost see him racing to get to the door before me from where he’d been laying in the sun. We miss his delight at getting a new toy which was always full of joyous celebration. We miss his zoomies  up and down the hallway with a toy in his mouth, and his happiness to just run around the yard.  We miss his big brown eyes asking to cuddle with us on the couch when he got tired. Every time I ask Bob if he’s hungry, I expect Red to jump up and follow me into the kitchen as though my question was just for him to answer. When the cell phone rings I can almost hear Red woowooing in answer. Red had so much joy and wagged his tail so hard at times we worried he’d break it. Even when this cruel disease took away his ability to walk or wag, he showed his joy with licks and woowoos.

Red was dad’s buddy and mom’s protector.   We sorely miss his physical presence but we have his spirit with us and so many good memories.

Denise and Robert of the Hoven Foundation10.23.21
Rebecca G

In memory of Bentley

Rebecca G10.23.21

In memory of John “Butch” Fisher.

Nancy and Tony Hogg10.08.21

With love to Peter and Charles in honor of Zazzie.


In honor of Laura Woodwick and Olivia Wright’s wedding shower

Lisa Roche’ and Randy Babiero09.21.21

In Loving Memory of Coco

She was a sweet girl and we always looked forward to her visits at Natisa’s Boarding House. You will always be missed Coco!

Sheryl and Brian
Natisa’s Boarding House

Natisa’s Boarding House09.10.21

We would like to honor Ruby by helping other Boxers in Need. She was a great girl and we always enjoyed her stays with us! In Loving Memory of Ruby

Natisa’s Boarding House
Sheryl and Brian

Natisa’s Boarding House09.10.21

In memory of Wendy Soderblom and her great love of Boxers!

Eileen Harnedy08.30.21

Donation from the Arun Family in memory of our boxers, Simba and Daisy.

Archana Narendar and Arun Thulasi07.04.21
Mike & Sally Theroux

In loving memory of our Toby. We miss you so much. You were everything to us. Miss your snuggles and drools and the happiness you gave us. Fond memories of you fill our hearts.

Mike & Sally Theroux08.04.21
Brianna & Evan Pogroszewski

We miss you so much. You gave us so much joy and happiness. You were our princess, our flower girl in our wedding and the sweetest girl who always loved to hug it out. We will always cherish all the memories and know you will forever be our “Keeper.” Until we meet again.

Brianna & Evan Pogroszewski07.20.21

In honor of their Boxer

Archana Narendar08.09.21

In Memory of Bill Gomes

Gabrielle Menhorn-Wildanger and Steven Wildanger06.29.21
Your Daughter

In memory of Edward Merzoian III, you are missed by everyone and although we never met, I am grateful for being apart of you and the rest of the family. Your fun loving spirit lives on in the memories and stories they share with me. Happy Heavenly Birthday!

…much love and admiration

Your Daughter06.23.21

In memory of Bill Gomes (and Chocolate). We’ll miss the visits to our workplace!

Helen Noble06.21.21

A tribute to Monte who was a good boy from the day miss Mama got him to the day he passed. Love, Kim, John, Emmalyn, Teddie and Raz.

Kim Do05.21.21
Pamela DiMaggio

In memory of Bill Gomes and his beloved and spoiled Boxer, Chocolate.

Pamela DiMaggio05.18.21

In Memory Of Laura Warner – mama of NCBR Alum Chester

Denise Runner05.06.21
Your CDD Family

In loving memory of Monte who was an amazingly good boy. Our warmest condolences to Teresa who made every day special for Monte and showed us a wonderful friendship that will last forever.

Your CDD Family05.05.21

In memory of Laura Warner, Tom’s mom. Warm and caring thoughts to Laura’s family and friends, including the furry, 4- legged kind, during this very difficult time.

With deepest sympathy,
All of us at KP HMH

With sympathy, Tom’s friends from work04.23.21

In memory of Bentley and our deepest sympathies to Rebecca, his best of best friends. We will always love Bentley’s distinctive little flash on the back of his neck and remember his energy and spirit in his sweet smiles in his ResQwalk photos.


Rebecca dearest, we are so sorry for Bentley’s passing. We know he was your family and best friend and our hearts cry for your loss. You gave him a life and love not many dogs get to enjoy. We shall keep Bentley in our hearts; he certainly was a sweetheart. We love you so so much and wish we could take some of your pain and grief away. Hugs and kisses from your family here in the Ozarks.

With love, Aunt Alice and the girls03.06.21

In memory of Oski and Sassy

Ruth Pratt02.07.21
Love, Lara, James and Dixon

Dear Olive,

We love you and miss you so much! We are lucky to have spent the past decade with you. We will always remember your big eyes, your wiggle-womp, your outgoing personality, your love for food and a warm fire, and your aversion to rain. You were a sweet, gentle and adorably stubborn soul – and you’ll always be part of our family.

Boxer-Bean, Jelly-Bean, Snaggletooth, Loggy-Doggy, GoodGirl… Olive.

Dixon to Olive dog: I miss you.

Love, Lara, James and Dixon01.23.21
With Love, The Ammerman Family

We feel incredibly lucky and honored that Katie joined our family. She was so loving and gentle with our kids, brought a smile to our faces every day, and taught us how amazing it feels to open your heart to a rescue dog.

Although there is now a huge hole in our hearts, we take comfort in knowing that she’s no longer suffering. She’s running and playing with Harley & Mattie on the other side of that rainbow.

Thank you NCBR for giving us the opportunity to love our Katie Bug. We will cherish her memory forever!

With Love, The Ammerman Family01.22.21












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