Cindy Beck

I have never met a boxer like Toby, he was the boxer everyone would want. He was so sweet and full of kindness, patience and guidance. He helped all the the foster boxers he shared his home with. He changed my soul as most boxers do when one opens their heart. I am crushed and devastated that he left me permanently on Christmas Eve. I shared 9 years with this wonderful boy and he was always there for me through great and sad times. I will always be grateful to have in in my life.

Cindy Beck12.24.22

In memory of our beloved boxer who died in 2019.

Susan Rasmussen12.30.22

In loving memory of best friend boxers Roxy & Casey, Sammie & Toby, who are forever in our hearts.

Happy Holidays with love, Mike, Sally & Bandit12.20.22

I still very much miss my Zena and thank you for bringing her into my life.

Sheldon Satnick 12.05.22

This donation is in honor of our daughter, Kelly Mills, who got her beloved Ryla from NCBR 12 years ago.  Ryla passed away this year and is sorely missed.  Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing.

Suzy and Mike Marzalek12.04.22

In loving memory of my cousin, Lee Hofer, a wonderful man who was a true animal lover.

Michael & Sally Theroux12.01.22

In honor of Irene Genauer

Nikki B and employer10.02.22

In loving memory of Wyatt

Nikki B and employer10.02.22


William Bruemmer09.30.22

In memory of Mike Kapchuk from the team members of Mike’s senior softball team, “Gold Rush”.

Gold Rush09.14.22

In memory of Duke.

Trevin O’Cain08.24.22

In memory of Irene Genauer

Jennifer Derenia-Hernandez08.07.22

For Hannah M., in memory of Duke from your coworkers at Click Up.

ClickUp Coworkers07.22.22

In memory of James, who watched over our street from his living room window and walked our neighborhood with his parents B & B

Joanne & Chuck07.22.22

Dear Larry:

We make this birthday donation to the Boxer Rescue in your honor; we thank you for all that you do to support our vulnerable furry friends.

Happy Birthday!

Tom and David Lucas-York, Baxter, Dash, and Violet.

Thomas Lucas07.18.22
June Aguilar

To Maddie, my sweet little Nubian goat

Thank you Maddie for all the fun times and love we shared and for your trust as we tried to work through your demons.  It was a privilege to know you for the short time we had together.  Heartbroken that it couldn’t have been longer.  You will be remembered by everyone you touched with your loving spirit.

Godspeed.  The Aguilar boxer clan (along with one cool Scottie) is waiting to welcome you at the Rainbow Bridge where we will all be reunited in time.



June Aguilar07.13.22

In loving memory of Kinsey, the best boxer girl ever. We’ll miss you.

Laurel Eber and Richard Klaiss06.11.22

In honor of Auggie’s 6th anniversary – adopted 6 years ago.

William Bruemmer06.04.22
Melody and Robert Derenia

In memory of beautiful Irene.

Melody and Robert Derenia06.01.22
Pam Reisel

In memory of Irene Genauer

Pam Reisel05.30.22
Mr. Carl J. Christensen and Ms. Jo Ann Novoson

In Memory of Irene Genauer

Mr. Carl J. Christensen and Ms. Jo Ann Novoson05.27.22
Ann Marie and Jose

IMO Layla – We loved her, she is greatly missed, and we are so thankful we were able to give her almost four years of knowing what a safe and loving home was like.  The one adjective that has been common amongst people using when told of Layla’s death is what a happy dog she was.  And she really was. After everything she had gone through, she was still so happy and loving.

Ann Marie and Jose05.26.22
Michelle Dohrmann

In memory of Irene Genauer

Michelle Dohrmann05.26.22
Glenda Miller

In memory of Irene Genauer.

Glenda Miller05.26.22
Jacob Genauer

In memory of Irene Genauer from Jacob Genauers’ work associates

Jacob Genauer05.20.22
Castroville Elementary School Staff

We will miss you, our beloved friend and colleague. Thank you for your friendship and your dedication to Castroville School and the community of Castroville.

Castroville Elementary School Staff05.15.22
Shanna Gamache

In honor of Irene Genauer

Shanna Gamache05.14.22
With love from Tricia Welsch

In memory of Irene Genauer and in honor of her and her daughter Rebecca’s love and care for dogs.

With love from Tricia Welsch05.18.22
Andrea Comiskey

Irene Genauer’s devotion to dog rescue, which she shared with her daughter Rebecca, will inspire us and others for a long time to come.

With love and sadness,
Andrea C. and Jonah H.

Andrea Comiskey05.11.22
Carla Braden

In memory of Irene Genauer

Carla Braden05.08.22
Carol and Bob Rowberg

We miss our girl. Mariah’s love filled our home.

Carol and Bob Rowberg05.07.22
Katie Emmel

In Honor of Laura (Boxer lover above all). You are an amazing dog mom and Roxy is luck to have you!

Katie Emmel04.14.2022
Molly & Finn

In honor of Monty & Gunner this Valentine’s Day, and all of our former fosters wishing them love and happiness with their furever families ♥️

Molly & Finn02.14.22

In loving memory of Don Eppenbach. He cared for many Boxers and loved them all. May Don Rest In Peace, surrounded by his loyal pets beyond the rainbow bridge.

Dale and Heide Unger02.07.22
Kimberly Maker

Carmen was a cat that hosted (as high priestess) 16 of my former fosters. Some only to find that they wished to have her meet her demise and they left to more amiable homes. She took it more in stride than I ever did! Her favorite foster dog was Breanna (they were the best of buddies). For dogs that did not want to eat her and those learning to accept felines, it was a good experience for both. She was strong willed and would not be put in second place at her home. She was an awesome traveler as well. She will be missed.

Kimberly Maker02.04.22

In Honor of  Helen Siracusa who lived a good long life, that included raising her children with boxers

Leslie Spring and Geof Gainer02.05.22

In memory of David L. Kick.
July 11, 1947 – January 6, 2022

Kristin Slaughter (aka Kristi Zeidler) & family02.02.22

In memory of Helen Siracusa

Thomas Lucas01.24.22

In Memory of Bailey 12 years

Theresa M. Towel and Kevin Furry 01.24.22

In honor of Ryla. Your sweet presence will be missed by your humans and those who had the honor of meeting you.


In memory of Helen Siracusa who was the loving mother of Lawrence Siracusa. Mr. Siracusa is a member of the board of directors of the NorCal Boxer Rescue.

With Sympathy by Thomas A. Lucas and David A. York01.19.22
Sheela & Daniel

In loving memory of our sweet girl Starbuck, adopted in 2012 from NCBR and our first furbaby, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in December 2021, and Betty White, a gifted actress and fierce animal advocate who no doubt would have loved our little girl.

Sheela & Daniel01.17.22
Love, Jason & Donya

Rocky, we will miss and love you forever my sweet boy.

Love, Jason & Donya01.17.22

In memory of Betty White honoring her 100th birthday. Our great thanks and respect to her for her enduring efforts to help animals in need.

Molly & Finn01.15.22

In memory of Elsa. A donation to support the next lovable boxer who will find a happy home.

Jessica Fewless01.03.22












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