In lieu of a wedding gift this tribute is made for the Jackson’s beloved family friend- Rosa – who left this world on 4/13/17. Her cat friend misses her.

Trevor and Emily Knaggs12.31.17

In memory of Amanda’s beloved Jack.

Michael Borboa12.30.17

Merry Christmas! Love – Karen, Adam, Emma, Ping Pong. In memory of Martini.

Donated by Emily Ngo and Family12.26.17

To Rebecca, a wonderful sister and a friend to animals! Happy holidays and Happy New Year.

Love, Josh12.22.17

In memory of Pork Chop and Candy.

Paul & Robin McDonnell12.18.17

For Debbie Krumwiede, my cousin who has rescued 3 Boxers. She loves her doggies and we hope this donation will help you rescue even more Boxers.

Robert & Colleen Krumwiede12.17.17
John & Shannan Wilson

In lieu of a wedding gift this tribute is made for the Jackson’s beloved family friend- Rosa the dog- who left this world on 4/13/17. Her cat friend misses her.

John & Shannan Wilson11.05.17

In memory of sweet Brindle Boxer, Cali, now with her good friend, Willow, missed by her parents, Jason and Jill.
love from M and B


In memory of Roseanne, proud mom of Titan and Boo.

Leeann Berry10.09.17

In memory of my special little Sis, Roseanne Robertson. I’m grateful you were in my life.

With much love from Kathi and Hank Acker10.08.17

In loving memory of Roseanne Robertson.

Judi and Gavin Bray10.08.17

In memory of Roseanne Robertson, animal lover and boxer mom.

Christine and Victor Espinoza10.08.17

In loving memory of Rose Robertson. A wonderful, loving, optimistic person who loved Boxers and rescued many over her lifetime. You will be truly missed – will always remember your smile and laughter and the joy you brought to others lives.

Jill Zotter01.06.17

In memory of Roseanne Robertson who loved all living things, but particularly Boxers.

Donated by Jenni and Tony and family10.06.17

In memory of Gail Barber.

C.L. Services, Inc.08.07.17

In loving memory of Gail Barber. I will miss you so much, Gail. You had a quick wit and we became fast friends. Your love for the Boxer breed was what brought us together. I’m sure Buddy was thrilled to see you at the Bridge. 

Jeannie Marie08.07.17

In memory of Duke, my friend Pat Cheney’s 12 year old boxer who lost his fight to cancer.

Janet Berkeley07.13.17

In memory of Gail Barber whom we lost today. She was a lover of animals, and especially fond of Boxers – rescuing several over the years. You will be greatly missed by family, friends and 4-legged-friends alike!

Gail Barber08.05.17
Patti M.

Our darling Annie,

It has been two months since we lost you and we miss you every day.

Patti M.07.22.17

This is in memory of you Uncle Bob! A true lover of all animals, mostly the mammal kind, but I know you would appreciate me donating to my love of boxers!! May you rest in peace and know you will forever be in our hearts!!

Robin Cote07.09.17

In memory of Jett, Jule, Leo (NCBR Alum) and Lacey (NCBR Alum). You all are here for such a short time.

Donated by the Boyd Family07.06.17

From the parents who support The Mill Valley Children’s Garden at Edna Maguire Elementary School in Mill Valley, to recognize and thank John Ossa.


In Memory of Larry Godfrey

Christophe, Elina, Emir, Martin, Julie, Damian, Richard, and Sierra05.25.17

In memory of Dr. Larry Godfrey

Guyla Yoak05.15.17

Maggie McCaffrey brought a lot of love to Podcast Unlocked. I’ll miss seeing her happy face. Hope she’s eating In ‘n Out doubles up there on the Rainbow Bridge.

Izzy, Piper and Lindsay05.09.17
With love from Daniel, Roxy, & Lexi Prindle

For my friend whom I have never met except through the subtleties of the internet, Maggie McCaffrey. May her light still burn brightest yet. 

With love from Daniel, Roxy, & Lexi Prindle05.08.17

To Maggie McCaffrey and all the smiles she brought.

From Greg, Gen, and Portillo Miller05.08.17

In honor of Beth and Matts, sweet Amy’s mom and dad.

Donated by Patti Douglas and John Morewood05.04.17
from Jen Franklin to Jeremy Frick, awesome dog daddy

In honor of Cash.

from Jen Franklin to Jeremy Frick, awesome dog daddy04.14.17
Max, Laci, and Cooper

You were such good parents to Zoe, and gave her the best she could have. She will be profoundly missed.

Max, Laci, and Cooper

Max, Laci, and Cooper04.06.17

In memory of Bruce Williams, a journalist and activist, who lived with rescued Boxers.

From Ann Noble and Goran Muhlert04.05.17
Doreen Murotsune

To our beloved Boxer, Benjamin
May you rest in peace, my sweet boy

Doreen Murotsune03.11.17
The Suttons

In memory of sweet Leo. Your family misses you and you were loved beyond belief.

The Suttons02.16.17

In memory of Sweet Freddie, Norcal Boxer Rescue.

Janet Lauff02.21.17

Caroline was a most kind and caring animal lover who will be greatly missed.

In memory of my sister in law, Caroline Willadsen.01.05.17












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