We know that the best place for an old dog is home with loved ones.  If you are thinking about giving up your senior boxer because you can’t afford vet care, or if you are considering adopting a senior boxer from your local shelter but are nervous about veterinary costs, we want to help.

In partnership with The Grey Muzzle Organization, we can provide up to $1,000 support for veterinary expenses to help you welcome a new senior boxer into your home or keep the senior boxer you already love.

What is Covered?

Grant funds can be used for veterinary diagnostics, treatment, or even hospice care.  You may use the vet of your choice, and you have up to one year to use the funds allotted to you.  We do not cover the cost of euthanasia or cremation.  Payments will be made directly to your vet.

How Do I Qualify?

If you are requesting support for a senior boxer you already own and need help to keep, please submit THIS application.  If you are requesting support for a senior boxer you would like to adopt, please submit THIS application.

You may also request a paper application by emailing or calling (866) 989-6227.

We ask that recipients remain committed to keeping their senior boxer in their home and provide us updates upon request.

En Español

Queremos ayudarlo a adoptar ó mantener un perro boxer mayor de edad y le ofrecemos hasta $1,000 de apoyo financiero para cubrir gastos veterinarios. Por favor, contáctenos via correo electrónico para obtener más información a

Program Applications

If you have adopted a senior boxer from the shelter, apply below:

If you currently own a senior boxer and need financial assistance, apply below: