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For the past 8 years, NorCal Boxer Rescue has strutted with the mutts.  It’s been great fun and – most importantly – has been critical to our organization’s ability to rescue the dogs who most need us.

Now, as we celebrate our 25th year of operation, we are venturing out on our own.  We know that with dedicated supporters like you, we can continue to save those smoosh-faced sweeties, snorters, snorers, and soulmates!

Follow this link for this year’s fundraising campaign,
Strut on, Wigglebutts!

A few of our VERY lucky boxers have had their ADOPTION FEES sponsored! This is wonderful news for Zach, Roxanne, Zeus, Nirvana, Athena and YOU! This means these specific guys and gals can be adopted without the usual required adoption fee. For more information on these boxers, please visit their profiles as each of them are looking for their forever homes and maybe that is with you!

Thanks to our many generous donors, NorCal Boxer Rescue is able to pull boxers from local shelters that have extensive and sometimes very urgent medical needs. You may notice that we have several boxers on “Vet Hold” as they are currently under veterinary treatment for various ailments. Some of our recent medical pulls, Elvis, Blaze, Teigan and Petey, among others that are currently on Vet Hold are highlighted below. If you’d like to sponsor a particular boxer, you can easily do so through the Sponsor Me button on their individual pages.

Donor Spotlight: Doreen Murotsune

For many of us who give our hearts, time, or dollars to rescue, we are first inspired by the love of a single special dog. That was the case for Doreen Murotsune, whose life was touched by a beautiful NCBR alumna named Hana. Hana belonged to friends of Doreen, but Doreen and her boxer, Benjamin, fell in love with her. Benjamin and Hana were best friends, and Benjamin was always on the lookout for Hana and ready to protect her from any yappy Chihuahua who tried to intimidate her.

When Hana passed away, Doreen began giving to NCBR because she was grateful for the time she had spent with Hana and because she knew Hana could easily have lost her life years sooner without NCBR’s intervention.

Doreen continues to be moved – sometimes to tears – by each dog’s story. In addition to being an active Strut Your Mutt teammate for each of the past 5 years, Doreen browses the boxers in our care and sponsors many dogs whose stories warm her heart. Doreen is deeply invested in NCBR’s mission of providing personal, attentive care to its dogs. She not only sponsors dogs with single or repeat financial gifts, but also inquires about dogs with prescription diet needs and then purchases those diets on an autoship schedule, having the food mailed directly to foster homes. Doreen keeps our dogs’ bellies full, and our hearts full!

We so appreciate Doreen’s dedication to each dog. Thank you, Doreen, for caring so much about dogs like those you’ve loved!

Planned Giving

If you have ever loved a dog, you know that – while their lives are short in comparison to ours – the love you share is timeless.  When the nose prints on your windows have faded and the lint trap in your dryer stops filling with fur, your heart still swells remembering the sparkle in your dog’s eyes when he gazed at you, the weight of her paw on your lap, or his happy invitation to play.  One way to honor the enduring nature of a dog’s love by making a gift that will endure beyond your life.

By including NorCal Boxer Rescue in your Will or Trust or naming the organization as a beneficiary on certain accounts, you ensure that for years to come, NCBR is able to continue rescuing boxers, providing them the care they need, and uniting them with families who will love them forever.

Dogs are an incredibly important part of our lives.  You can make them a part of your heritage. Click here to learn about the different options.

Growing Old with You

We know that the best place for an old dog is home with loved ones.  NorCal Boxer Rescue has partnered with The Grey Muzzle Organization, a national organization that envisions a world where every senior dog thrives and no senior dog dies alone and afraid, to develop the “Growing Old with You” program. We can provide up to $1,000 support for veterinary expenses to help people welcome a new senior boxer into their home or keep the senior boxer they already love.

Click here to find out more about the Growing Old with You program.

Grey Muzzle Thank You!

We are so honored to be a Grey Muzzle Organization grantee again this year! Thanks to Grey Muzzle’s support, the next 10 senior boxers who are adopted will come with up to $1000 of post-adoption support, which will be reimbursed to adopters for any veterinary need that arises within the first year of adoption.  We know that many of you have a soft spot for frosted faces, but that the cost of caring for a senior boxer has given you pause when it comes to adopting one.  We hope that this support will give you the security you need to give your heart away to a beautiful older soul.   Thank you, Grey Muzzle, for trusting in us and for supporting our efforts!  We are grateful for your partnership!

Thank you, Hoven Foundation.

Each dog who enters our lives is a gift.  They bring us untold joy and share with us their unconditional love.  They teach us to be better people.  For nearly 10 years, The Hoven Foundation has not only appreciated the gift that each dog represents, but they have given back generously.  The continued support of the Hoven Foundation has meant the difference between life and death for countless beautiful souls.  Thank you to the Hoven Foundation for what you give to our dogs and, in turn, to all those whose lives those dogs touch.

Donate to NCBR

Your generosity is what enables us to continue our mission to “Leave No Boxer Behind.”  Regardless of a boxer’s age or potential health issues, they ALL deserve a second chance at a well-lived and well-loved life.

NCBR is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and donations are tax deductible.

We now accept vehicle donations!

Donate your car, boat, RV, motorcycle or farm equipment. We’ll pick it up whenever you want – for FREE! And we’ll get the most value from your donated vehicle. Plus you get a tax deduction!

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