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Nearly every day, new purebred boxers pop up in northern California shelters and are added to our list of dogs in need – a constant reminder of how irresponsible breeding contributes to the problem of overpopulation. Tonight, as Izzy fights for her life, she is a chilling reminder that irresponsible breeding does not just create animals who will be homeless; it directly jeopardizes the lives of the dogs involved.

Izzy is just two years old, and her life should be full of potential. But the only potential her family saw in her was as puppy producer. So they bred her. When Izzy’s four puppies died inside her and she needed emergency surgery to remove them, her family was unprepared or unwilling to help.

Thankfully, Izzy’s family surrendered her to a good Samaritan who paid for her C-section and then contacted NorCal Boxer Rescue to help with her care.

Izzy is deathly ill. She has a massive infection, likely sepsis. She has pockets of fluid – probably infected – growing off her uterine stump. She is not eating, and she is running a high fever.

Izzy is now hospitalized and is receiving intravenous therapy and intravenous antibiotics. Her condition is very precarious and she may ultimately require further surgical intervention, which also presents significant risks. Izzy’s hospitalization and treatment will cost several thousand dollars – and possibly much more depending on her surgical needs. But, like you, we believe that Izzy deserves this chance.

With your help, we hope to see Izzy recover from the exploitive treatment she has been subjected to and instead enjoy the perpetual puppyhood for which boxers are known.

Right now, Izzy is fighting for her life. Thank you for fighting with her.

Karen Heald
Executive Director

Click here to donate to save Izzy

Growing Old with You

We know that the best place for an old dog is home with loved ones.  NorCal Boxer Rescue has partnered with The Grey Muzzle Organization, a national organization that envisions a world where every senior dog thrives and no senior dog dies alone and afraid, to develop the “Growing Old with You” program. We can provide up to $1,000 support for veterinary expenses to help people welcome a new senior boxer into their home or keep the senior boxer they already love.

Click here to find out more about the Growing Old with You program.

Donor Spotlight: The Melvin and Geraldine Hoven Foundation

NCBR functions because of the many individuals and organizations who support it. Today, we’d like to introduce you to the Melvin and Geraldine Hoven Foundation, which has generously supported NCBR annually since 2011. The Hoven Foundation was established by Mel and Geraldine Hoven, who moved to Los Altos from the midwest in the 1950s. Mel was a successful businessman and an avid outdoorsman who enjoyed hunting, skiing, fishing, and golf. Geri was a registered nurse, whose medical background inspired her support of children and medical causes. The Hovens desired to leave a legacy that, upon their death, would continue forward to support their favorite causes and charities. We are so grateful to be among their beneficiaries.

Robert Nigra, who is the Treasurer and Secretary of the Hoven Foundation and co-directs the Foundation along with its President, Barry Elkins, first became aware of NCBR when he and his wife, Denise, a long-time boxer owner, began their search for a boxer to add to their family. They met and fell in love with Sadie, a beautiful white boxer who exemplified all the traits we love so much about boxers – loyalty, affection, wiggliness, and humor. Sadie inspired the first gift the Hoven Foundation made to NCBR, but every boxer NCBR serves has inspired the continued support of the Foundation. Robert and Denise are touched by the stories of dogs who transform in their foster homes and then go on to bring love and joy to their adopted families, and they are glad to play a role in those dogs’ stories.

Robert and Denise believe that all dogs (especially boxers) deserve to have a safe and loving home, and they will never look further than NCBR to be matched with a new best friend. After Sadie passed away, Robert and Denise adopted Red, their handsome, toy-obsessed companion, who has provided love and entertainment for nearly 5 years. Thank you to Robert, Denise, and the Hoven Foundation for not just accepting the unconditional love of your rescue boxers, but for ensuring that other boxers have the opportunity to love and be loved!

Strut Your Mutt 2020 Was an INCREDIBLE Success!

Strut Your Mutt ended in October, and we were blown away by your support!  We raised just over $97,000, not only setting a new fundraising record for NCBR, but also becoming the top team out of all of the participating organizations in the country.  The funds we raised will be used to provide much-needed medical care and behavioral intervention for the dogs we love so much.

Our success this year demonstrated what we already observe each day in rescue: that it requires a team of people all willing to pitch in to make a difference.  Even without an in-person event this year, a record 162 people registered to be on our Strut Your Mutt team, and we received nearly 900 individual donations.

In addition to the hundreds of individuals who gave to our Strut Your Mutt team, many businesses offered their support through in-kind donations that fueled our team challenges.  Thank you to Barkbox, The Blissful Dog, Burnin’ Love Art StudioEarthbath, Earth Rated, Great Shots Photography, Max and Neo, Naughty Boy Vineyards, Pet Photos By Olin, Santa Clara County Parks, Stark Naked Creative, and Sweater Hound for your support!

THANK YOU to each of you who paid it forward this year by contributing in some way to this fundraiser.  We are proud to have such dedicated and compassionate people on our team.

Introducing Eusoh – an Insurance Alternative

Eusoh is a revolutionary, affordable, subscription-based alternative to veterinary insurance.  Subscribers become group members who share veterinary costs with each other.  As a member, you make an initial $48 deposit and pay a $17/month subscription fee.  80% of veterinary costs are reimbursed to group members, with funds drawn evenly from all members’ $48 deposit.  At the end of each month, you pay as much as is needed to restore your balance to $48.  This means that, at most, you will pay $65 per month ($17 deposit plus $48 balance) to remain a member.  However, your contribution will vary by month and may be as low as $17.

Subscribe now, and enter the code “NCBR!”  NorCal Boxer Rescue will receive $40 for each referral!

Grey Muzzle Thank You!

We are so honored to be a Grey Muzzle Organization grantee again this year! Thanks to Grey Muzzle’s support, the next 10 senior boxers who are adopted will come with up to $1000 of post-adoption support, which will be reimbursed to adopters for any veterinary need that arises within the first year of adoption.  We know that many of you have a soft spot for frosted faces, but that the cost of caring for a senior boxer has given you pause when it comes to adopting one.  We hope that this support will give you the security you need to give your heart away to a beautiful older soul.   Thank you, Grey Muzzle, for trusting in us and for supporting our efforts!  We are grateful for your partnership!

Thank you, Hoven Foundation.

Each dog who enters our lives is a gift.  They bring us untold joy and share with us their unconditional love.  They teach us to be better people.  For nearly 10 years, The Hoven Foundation has not only appreciated the gift that each dog represents, but they have given back generously.  The continued support of the Hoven Foundation has meant the difference between life and death for countless beautiful souls.  Thank you to the Hoven Foundation for what you give to our dogs and, in turn, to all those whose lives those dogs touch.

Thank you, Pet Food Express!

Thank you Pet Food Express for your generous donations to our pantry for our foster dogs. This is just a very small example of how much this company has helped our organization. As you can see, the pups also enjoy getting to join in on supply pick up days.

Donate to NCBR

Your generosity is what enables us to continue our mission to “Leave No Boxer Behind.”  Regardless of a boxer’s age or potential health issues, they ALL deserve a second chance at a well-lived and well-loved life.

NCBR is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and donations are tax deductible.

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