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Strut Your Mutt 2020


It’s time for Strut Your Mutt – our largest annual fundraiser! For each of the past several years, the funds raised through Strut Your Mutt have covered about a third of our annual veterinary expenses, and this year the dogs need us more than ever. The financial impact of the pandemic is hitting the most vulnerable dogs hardest. And with shelters learning to build robust foster programs of their own, they need less help with the healthy, younger dogs that they can manage themselves. We need to be prepared to shoulder the ongoing financial burden of helping the dogs who most need us. Your support will make that possible!

Join our efforts by registering to be a Strut Your Mutt teammate! Your $15 registration fee counts as a donation to NCBR, gets you a team t-shirt, and allows you to maximize your impact by fundraising on our behalf. Strut Your Mutt is a virtual event only this year, so you can participate from your home, wherever that may be! Or, you can show your support by simply donating to the team without joining as a teammate!

Register or donate at: http://support.bestfriends.org/goto/NCBR

Introducing Eusoh – an Insurance Alternative

Eusoh is a revolutionary, affordable, subscription-based alternative to veterinary insurance.  Subscribers become group members who share veterinary costs with each other.  As a member, you make an initial $48 deposit and pay a $17/month subscription fee.  80% of veterinary costs are reimbursed to group members, with funds drawn evenly from all members’ $48 deposit.  At the end of each month, you pay as much as is needed to restore your balance to $48.  This means that, at most, you will pay $65 per month ($17 deposit plus $48 balance) to remain a member.  However, your contribution will vary by month and may be as low as $17.

Subscribe now, and enter the code “NCBR!”  NorCal Boxer Rescue will receive $40 for each referral!

Grey Muzzle Thank You!

We are so honored to be a Grey Muzzle Organization grantee again this year! Thanks to Grey Muzzle’s support, the next 10 senior boxers who are adopted will come with up to $1000 of post-adoption support, which will be reimbursed to adopters for any veterinary need that arises within the first year of adoption.  We know that many of you have a soft spot for frosted faces, but that the cost of caring for a senior boxer has given you pause when it comes to adopting one.  We hope that this support will give you the security you need to give your heart away to a beautiful older soul.   Thank you, Grey Muzzle, for trusting in us and for supporting our efforts!  We are grateful for your partnership!

Delaney sponsors another NCBR boxer!

For five years straight, Delaney has spent hundreds of hours making and selling Almond Toffee at Christmas and donating her proceeds to NorCal Boxer Rescue.

Delaney started this philanthropic effort when she was in 7th grade.   It is hard to imagine that someone so young could be so generous, but her dedication to boxers and to NCBR is remarkable.

This year, Delaney sponsored Prescot, a beautiful older boy with a myriad of health issues.  Her support will be instrumental in getting Prescot the veterinary care he needs.

Thank you, Hoven Foundation.

Each dog who enters our lives is a gift.  They bring us untold joy and share with us their unconditional love.  They teach us to be better people.  For nearly 10 years, The Hoven Foundation has not only appreciated the gift that each dog represents, but they have given back generously.  The continued support of the Hoven Foundation has meant the difference between life and death for countless beautiful souls.  Thank you to the Hoven Foundation for what you give to our dogs and, in turn, to all those whose lives those dogs touch.

Thank you, Pet Food Express!

Thank you Pet Food Express for your generous donations to our pantry for our foster dogs. This is just a very small example of how much this company has helped our organization. As you can see, the pups also enjoy getting to join in on supply pick up days.

We are very excited to announce that this year we are one of 62 animal welfare groups chosen from 240 applicants to receive a grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization to help senior dogs!

Our grant will fund the production of several interactive kiosks that will be placed in veterinary waiting rooms and provide information about our Wizened Wiggle Butts Program!  Our hope is that these kiosks will expand our foster home capacity for senior boxers and help educate pet owners about caring for senior dogs.
“This grant will help us serve more senior dogs Bunny – providing her the veterinary care and behavioral intervention she needs so she’ll be ready to go to her forever home,” says Karen Heald, our Executive Director. “No one is more grateful or loving than an old dog, and we’re looking forward to helping more senior dogs like Bunny get the second chance they all deserve.”

In the past 11 years, the national nonprofit Grey Muzzle Organization has provided almost $2 million in grants to support its vision of “a world where no old dog dies alone and afraid.”  “Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we’re delighted to help deserving organizations like NorCal Boxer Rescue make a difference in the lives of dogs and people in their communities,” Grey Muzzle’s Executive Director Lisa Lunghofer says. “Many senior dogs in Northern California are enjoying their golden years in loving homes thanks to the wonderful work of NorCal Boxer Rescue.”

Thank you, Grey Muzzle, for helping us continue to save our wonderful Wizened Wiggle Butts!

Donate to NCBR

Your generosity is what enables us to continue our mission to “Leave No Boxer Behind.”  Regardless of a boxer’s age or potential health issues, they ALL deserve a second chance at a well-lived and well-loved life.

NCBR is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and donations are tax deductible.

We now accept vehicle donations!

Donate your car, boat, RV, motorcycle or farm equipment. We’ll pick it up whenever you want – for FREE! And we’ll get the most value from your donated vehicle. Plus you get a tax deduction!

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