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A few of our VERY lucky boxers have had their ADOPTION FEES sponsored, this includes Butterbean! 

My name is Butterbean, but I go by Butters! I love hanging with my people, going for my morning walk before breakfast and making sure my chew toys get some attention before my mid morning nap. I like to go outside and make sure the squirrels haven’t tried to take my good sunning spot in the yard. Then I’ll go back inside for my mid afternoon nap – so much fun! Then off for my afternoon walk before dinner.  I never forget to check back in with my chew toys before I’m off to bed.

Wags and cuddles,
Butterbean (B)

Butterbean is a loving, playful guy that just wants to be a lap dog and your best friend!  He is very well trained and his crate is his favorite place to nap and hang out when not playing or checking in with you.  He is very food motivated and good on walks, especially when there are treats involved for good behavior.  Completely housebroken and learned to use the doggie door like a champ – he was so proud of himself when he learned to use it!  We really think he would do well with another dog for company.