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A few of our VERY lucky boxers have had their ADOPTION FEES sponsored, this includes Zeus!

Zeus is very smart and playful, he loves toys and learns routines quickly. Zeus loves to play chase and tug anytime. He is learning his manners well, but he still barks and gets excited easily so he may do best somewhere he has a little space to play on his own. He is very friendly with other people, he wants to play and will go get his toys and attempt to engage you in tug of war. He likes to chase balls but is still learning “drop”. If you have a couple toys to alternate with, he will fetch. He loves belly rubs.
Zeus loves his treats but is pretty mellow about mealtimes. He will take food from your hand gently. We give him food 3 times a day and he often eats it slowly throughout the day, he doesn’t gobble food or overeat. When we need to give him pills he will eat a spoon of peanut butter with meds with no problem.
Zeus crates well; he will go in there easily if you point inside and often takes naps in there on his own. His foster parents are home a lot so he is a little spoiled with attention, but he is used to being in his crate alone for a few hours at a time. He is both affectionate and sometimes self-sufficient. He likes to be with you or cuddle, and he also seems comfortable napping in the ‘other’ room.

We have not tested Zeus with cats but he has a strong chase/hunt instinct and always goes after birds or squirrels. Zeus is sweet but he does get excited and can jump or be a rough player. He is learning not to jump up so much, but he does seem to like standing up on his hind legs. He is also pretty vocal when he is playing. He is calm with bigger calm dogs. He has one playdate friend that is an older female, they walk together and hang out. He is OK with other dogs but needs careful / slow introductions.