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A few of our VERY lucky boxers have had their ADOPTION FEES sponsored, this includes Zeus!

Hi, my name is Zeus, and I’m very smart, playful, sweet and affectionate. Did you know that Zeus is the strongest God in Ancient Greek mythology because he has both power and intelligence! I have an “electrifying” personality, just like Zeus, ha ha ha yep that’s me! I love toys and love to play chase and of course a good game of tug is always needed! I’m great at fetching but I’m named after a God, so I don’t think I need to bring back the ball AND to drop it!  I am very good at learning new things and have good manners; my mealtime etiquette is impeccable, I take snacks gently from your hand, love peanut butter, and I especially enjoy grazing my food throughout the day.

I do like to talk back especially when I’m playing and enjoy showing my godly powers by jumping and playing a little ruff when I’m excited so I’m working on containing all this awesomeness and learning my doggy power manners.

I’m crate trained and I’m so smart that all you need to do is point at my crate and I’ll go in, but I like to take naps in there as well, see, I told you I was intelligent! If I had a job, I would be the perfect employee. I enjoy teambuilding and would love to hang out with you and get belly rubs but I can also “work” independently and you can often find me sleeping on the job in another room.

My foster parents say that I like birds and squirrels too much, so I may not be a big fan of the kitties, but who doesn’t love to chase critters? I’m an empath and am great at matching energies; I have a special friend, a nice older lady dog, who I like to go on walks with and just Netflix and Chill with. I enjoy spending my time with my people, but I know I can be good with my fellow canines with slow introductions.

Did you know that god is dog spelled backwards??? Yep that’s me for sure! Hope to see you soon, I gotta go do some God of Thunder stuff.