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Olive is very sweet and mellow with humans, and loves head rubs, belly rubs and general love and affection. She is dog and leash reactive, so will need some training and patience when on walks. She enjoys playing fetch with frisbees, balls and stuffed toys, and enjoys bringing her toys back for more rounds. She has learned to sit, is learning “stay”, and understands “drop it” when playing. She is not very treat motivated, but we have found some treats that she seems to like better than others. She has learned to enjoy sleeping in her crate, and takes lots of naps throughout the day. She loves looking out of the window, but can get anxious if she has too much time at the window and sees lots of dogs walking by. We love her personality and her sweet and affectionate demeanor.

Olive would do well in a home with no other dogs or cats, and older children (or just adults). She would do best in a quiet neighborhood, and in a home with a fenced yard where she can run and play. She will do best in a home where her family is mostly at home, with only short times left alone. She would do well with a family who has lots of kind, physical love they can show her.