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I’m super sweet, mellow and affectionate with my hoomans and love all kind rubs, head rubs, belly rubs, you name it, I love it!

I really enjoy playing fetch with frisbees, balls and stuffed toys, and will bring toys back for more rounds of fetch. I’ve learned how to “sit” and “drop it” when playing and I’m working on learning to “stay”. Although I’m mellow, I am a little bougie about my treats so don’t forget to ask my foster fam what my favorites are so you can stock up before I move in! I also like to laze around in my crate since I don’t have a job and love taking multiple naps throughout the day.

I also enjoy seeing what the neighbors are up to through the window, but I don’t think I’ll join the Neighborhood Watch Committee since I don’t like to see too much activity especially when too many doggos are out and about. I would love to have a family that doesn’t have too much activity or noise going on so I can focus on writing my blog and checking my social media. I also prefer to not to have any fur siblings and love my hoomans a lot so if you work from home that’s a plus so you can edit my writing because spelling is tuff!

I love to run and play and frolic in the back yard and I think I like going for walks, but I am an introvert and get a little stressed outside especially when I see other dogs so a loving family who understands that not everyone is a social butterfly, would be perfect! Need an olive for your martini or barkuterie board? Call me!