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My name is Jane, Janie or as my foster peeps call me, Joy…..they say I am a complete JOY. My litter had a rough start to life, we were abandoned in a field and a kind human saved us. At about 5-6 weeks of age NCBR stepped in and took us all in. I would love to find a forever home full of humans who will love me and make me feel safe, and never let me down.

I am an 8 month old Boxer mix girl, and while I may not LOOK like a boxer I have so many boxer traits! I am smart, I like to please my humans, I am sad if I get scolded for any transgression, and ask for forgiveness. I love to be snuggled, but am also perfectly content to sleep on the couch or a warm bed. I am very food motivated, so training is pretty easy. I currently live with 4 fur siblings. 1 of them is my ACTUAL litter mate Jett! We play and wrestle, and play ‘catch me if you can’ , and our fur sister Ka’o will join in. I really, really love playing with them both!! I am always excited for breakfast/dinner time and will do a little dance , I cant stop my feet.

Jett has started a training program with PetSmart, and mum and dad are working on teaching me the same things as he is learning…they said something about it making sense. I don’t know what that means, but I am happy to hear that clicker and get treats when I do what they ask! So far I know sit, and I will offer a paw to “shake” when I am not sure what it is you are asking. Mum will shake it and tell me I am a sweet girl. I am working on “boop the hand” as a check in, and “focus” So far I am doing REALLY well (it’s only been 2 sessions) . Well that’s about all for now! I really look forward to meeting you!