Volunteer for NCBR

Our volunteers come from all walks of life, have a variety of skills and interests and can’t possibly be described with a single word. They are energetic, resourceful, focused, supportive, helpful, patient, efficient, reliable, committed, effective, enthusiastic, caring, dedicated, insightful, dependable, and most importantly, they have an unmatched love for and desire to help these wonderful, deserving dogs. Without our volunteers, none of the work we do would be possible.

As you can imagine, NCBR is always in need of more volunteers. However, many people believe that the only way to help is to foster a dog or to donate money or supplies. While we certainly appreciate both of these contributions immensely, there are actually MANY ways you can participate.

NCBR has many volunteer opportunities available and we provide training for all of these activities:

  • Volunteer at adoption events
  • Perform home visits for prospective adopters/foster homes
  • Help with or start a fundraiser
  • Perform shelter evaluations on boxers in need
  • Transport dogs to/from vet offices and foster homes
  • And more!

If you’ve got a unique skill or ability that can benefit the organization, let us know!

Submit the Volunteer Questionnaire today! No contribution is too small!

Foster for NCBR

Fostering a boxer is very much like raising a child in that it is, at times, exhausting, heartbreaking, frustrating and yet joyful, fun, and extremely rewarding. Knowing that you have saved a life is quite a wonderful feeling.

Fostering is a critical part of our organization and we’re always in need of foster homes. If you think you might be interested in fostering for NCBR, please visit our Fostering Information page for more information.

Transport for NCBR

NCBR is always in need of volunteers who are willing and able to safely transport boxers in all areas of California. These transports generally include picking a dog up from a shelter and transporting him/her to a foster home, volunteer or veterinary clinic. Occasionally, other transports are needed as well. Once you’re on the team you will receive transport requests via email and/or text message and you can commit to the trips that fit your schedule.

If you are a licensed, insured driver and would like to join our transport team, please submit the Transport Application.

Volunteer Applications

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for NCBR, we’d love to hear from you!


Your generosity is what enables us to continue our mission to “Leave No Boxer Behind.” Regardless of a boxer’s age or potential health issues, they ALL deserve a second chance at a well-lived and well-loved life. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today.

NCBR alum Tilly