About Fostering

Our foster homes are our most important resource, without them we could not continue!

Fostering a dog means taking a dog into your home with unknown training history, background, socialization, house manners, temperament etc. While we do our best to only take in dogs we ultimately feel are safe for placement, it is nearly impossible to determine a dogs temperament in a shelter environment with the time we are allowed.

Fostering a boxer is very much like raising a child in that it’s at times exhausting, heartbreaking, frustrating and yet joyful, fun, and extremely rewarding. Knowing that you have saved a life is quite a wonderful feeling.

NCBR does not knowingly take in dogs who are known to be dog aggressive, have a known bite history or have shown any signs of human aggression. All dogs will see a licensed veterinarian before entering a foster home.

Foster Homes must be patient and allow for some adjustment problems in the beginning. It can be stressful for both you and the dog to be in a new situation. Foster homes need to have the ability to keep foster dogs separated (crated) from any pets living in the home (only and until its deemed safe to introduce to resident pets).

NCBR does not have a boarding facility, therefore, we are only able to take boxers into our program when we have open, willing and committed foster homes. Foster Homes need to be committed to fostering from rescue to adoption. The amount of time needed to find a permanent home for a dog can vary from weeks to months.

All foster homes are assigned a foster home mentor who can answer questions, address problems or concerns, and help to ensure a pleasant experience for the foster family and foster dog(s).

Foster Home Requirements

Commitment, Commitment, Commitment!!

The reason we are able to pull and save dogs from area shelters is because there is an open foster home, if that means YOU, you are the only available space for that dog. Because of this reason you are asked to manage the dog’s needs through and until adoption day.

  • Foster homes must meet the same requirements as our adoptive homes.
  • All current pets in the household must be spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccinations.
  • Foster homes need to have the ability to keep any resident cats safe during a foster dog’s time in the home.
  • Foster homes must be willing to crate foster dogs (a crate can be provided by NCBR).
  • All foster homes are required to sign a foster home agreement and have a home inspection.

Foster Home Application

Are you ready to foster a dog in need? If so, please apply today!

Do senior boxers hold a special place in your heart? Apply to foster a senior dog today!


Reasons to Foster

  • Every boxer you foster is a life SAVED!
  • All vet expenses are paid for by NCBR
  • Food, bowls and crates can be provided by NCBR if requested
  • Mileage on your vehicle used while transporting to vet, events, etc., is tax deductible
  • Seeing your time, love and dedication pay off in the faces of a happy family and boxer is… PRICELESS!