NCBR is proud to be part of the national movement to standardize data collection and increase transparency in the animal welfare community. We share the belief held by organizations such as Best Friends Animal Society, Maddie’s Fund, and over 1700 other Best Friend Network Partners like us that increased transparency and more consistent reporting of our impact will help pave the way to more life-saving outcomes within our organization, locally, and nationally.

2021 Shelter Animals Count Data Matrix for NCBR

Beginning Animal Count 32
Adult Up to 5 Months Age Unknown
Stray at Large 0 0 0
Relinquished by Owner 23 0 23
Owner-intended Euthanasia 0 0 0
Transferred In 101 10 111
Other Intakes* 0 0 0
Total Live Intake 124 10 134
Live Outcomes
Adoption 101 1 102
Returned to Owner 0 0 0
Transferred Out 0 0 0
Returned to Field 0 0 0
Other Live Outcome 0 0 0
Subtotal Live Outcomes 101 1 102
Other Outcomes
Died in Care 3 0 3
Lost in Care 0 0 0
Shelter Euthanasia** 13 1 14
Owner-intended Euthanasia 0 0 0
Subtotal Other Outcomes 16 1 17
Total Outcomes 117 2 119
Ending Animal Count 47

* Other Intakes includes dogs born in rescue.
** Shelter Euthanasia includes euthanasia for any reason, including medical euthanasia.

Of the 14 euthanasias in 2021, ten were medical euthanasias for terminally ill dogs with a poor prognosis and poor quality of life, and four dogs were euthanized for behavioral issues that were deemed to make the dogs unsafe to adopt. Three dogs passed away of natural causes: two died of presumed congestive heart failure, and one died overnight at our vet immediately after intake from the shelter.

ASPCA Live Release Rate for 2021 = 76.1%
This is calculated as our total live outcome divided by our total intake.

Asilomar Accords Live Release Rate for 2021 = 100%
This is calculated as our total live outcome divided by all outcomes minus unhealthy and untreatable animals.

Our Save Rate for 2021 = 89.6%
Save Rate is calculated as the total intake minus euthanasia outcomes, divided by intake.

Euthanasia Policy